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Friday 26th August 2011

More Belgian Buyers and Exposure in Benelux for Girasol Homes

The Belgian and Dutch Overseas Property buyers are now making a big impact on the Girasol Homes Property business, one of the newest ones promoting property for Girasol is Immobilien-buitenland.

With Dutch, Belgian and German Speaking Staff Girasol Homes are actively looking for buyers from these countries to promote all the many property bargains to.

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Thursday 4th November 2010

PDF Downloads for the hot offers

Here you will be able to download the PDFs for the hot offers we have for the month of November.

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Friday 15th January 2010

Sterling enjoys a fine week against Euro and Dollar

Sterling has continued a fine end to the week following growing concerns regarding the economy in Greece and the effects it may have on the Eurozone as a whole.

The Pound rallied against the Euro and a basket of major currencies in early morning trading and at the time of writing this Sterling/Euro was at a four month high – A welcome change in luck for those with upcoming property purchases.

European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet said on Friday Greece had much work ahead to resolve its fiscal issues, after highlighting the fiscal challenges to a number of euro zone countries at a news conference the previous day.

This may well limit upside movement for the Euro in the short term so could create some excellent buying opportunities over the coming weeks, that paired with the huge drop in property prices overseas all means investors and people due to emigrate win both ways at present.

Ask Daniel Wright from Foreign Currency Direct for more details on 0800 328 5884 or UK 44 1494 725353

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Wednesday 30th December 2009

Picasa Web Album

Here are just a few of our many photo albums for properties, places, locations and much more please go to our Picasa Page at PICASA to discover more

Here is one of our latest Christmas pictures from the Murcia Region of Spain

Much more at PICASA

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Tuesday 10th November 2009

Foreign Currency Transfers

Foreign Currency Transfers – Our choice – Foreign Currency Direct

We get asked all the time about who looks after our customers needs for Foreign Currency Transfers and Payments, after over 3 years in this business we have distilled it to one company – Foreign Currency Direct.

Here is why.

When purchasing a property overseas you will need to transfer money. Whilst the natural inclination is to go to your local High Street bank to transfer funds abroad, this is usually a fairly expensive way of doing it. Exchange rates and commissions provided by high street banks are significantly less favourable than those typically offered by specialist foreign exchange brokers.

We therefore recommend the services of Foreign Currency Direct. Transactions arranged through FCD are always at the most competitive rates, and the service is fast and efficient. An estimate of the typical savings using FCD over high street bank transactions are in the region of 1 to 2%, or £1,000 to £2,000 saved for every £100,000 transferred.

To transfer money via FCD contact: Daniel Wright, Tel UK: 0800 328 5884 Tel abroad Tel: +44 1494 725 353 or create an account via the FCD website by visiting Foreign Currency Direct here FCD

We know you will be delighted with the service Daniel and his team provide. Daniel is also a contributor to our blogs/articles and his informative blog is a source of superb information.

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Friday 6th November 2009

The Five stages of Spains property price recovery

The 5 Stages of Property Price Recovery in Spain, the Canary Islands, Mallorca and Menorca

So many people are trying to figure out exactly when Spanish property prices are going to reach the bottom, because that’s the moment when they want to buy. This article is our opinion and we could be proved right or wrong but as we are enjoying our best year since we started Girasol Homes and with Spain the number 1 market we are fairly confident things are on the upward trend with the properties we are seeing sell.

It is not an exact science as some properties will just be un saleable whether the market is good or not and everyone even remotely connected has an opinion. Regardless of which method you choose, at the end of the day it often just boils down to guesswork, instinct or experienced good timing. However, armed with an understanding of the 5 stages of house price recovery, you can remove most of the guesswork and make sure that when you come to buy, you are doing it at the best possible time.

Here is a simple graphic illustration of the 5 steps to property price recovery and remember we specialise in Property Bargains so we would expect to get you a brilliant buy whatever the market conditions and especially now.

Spanish Price Reovery

1) The bargains are selling in some quantity, and although the bottom of the market has been reached, these last bargains force the statistical prices slightly lower as they are sold at prices even lower than market value.

2) The statistical bottom is reached. By now almost all the ‘bargains’ (properties being sold below market price) will have been sold.

3) Prices start to rise, however due to the lag in gathering and reporting statistics (and Spain is worse than most places at this), readers of the press will still be seeing reports showing that the market is still at position 1.

4) Prices in ‘real time’ are now solidly rising as tentative demand returns. Press reports now show that the market has reached stage 2, and this will also encourage buyers. The bargains have all but disappeared.

5) ‘Real time’ prices are now 6 months past the bottom. Buyers are now seeing stage 3 statistics and for the following months, price rises will accelerate. Although properties bought in this time will gain in value, clearly those who purchased at stage 1 and 2 will have had the greatest benefit.

Things to get right

Get yourself organised – if you need a mortgage get one before you view, we have a mortgage department who will get you a Decision in Principle within 48 hours

If you are planning to purchase a property do the groundwork with us before you go out and view, our property search form is the initial “eyes and ears” that our large network of “property finders” will use to search for your ideal home.

If you are going to transfer a large amount of Sterling speak to our personal foreign currency expert as soon as you can

Commit to working with a good and experienced property company who have the network of property professionals on the ground (yes that’s us) if you commit to us we will commit to you and work as a team. We have heard and seen so many horror stories that we want to work exclusively with every client on a professional one to one basis.

We are always trying to present our buyers in the best possible light so let us get your buyer profile right, you as a buyer armed with evidence of mortgage/cash, a good idea and budget for your property options and with the right information for our local people spells success. If we can get these items aligned correctly and work as a team, we are very confident you will get the very best property.

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