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Friday 25th June 2010

Girasol Homes to exhibit at the EPEX Show at Earls Court

(Free-Press-Release.com) June 25, 2010 — Girasol Homes will be showcasing the best properties in the luxury market at the annual EPEX show at Earls Court, London on the weekend of the 10 and 11 of July. Visit www.girasolhomes.co.uk/news

EPEX is a unique exhibition for companies with a focus on truly luxury property providing them with a platform to market and sell properties to wealthy private buyers as well as institutional & professional investors.

Now in its fourth year since inception, EPEX showcases the finest properties from developers and agents from around the world. To our visitors, who are the most discerning of property investors, EPEX presents a fabulous opportunity to view the most comprehensive selection of the world’s luxury properties under one roof.

For further information, on visiting EPEX 2010 please contact Girasol Homes

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Friday 18th June 2010

Looking to sell your overseas property?


Girasol Homes now offers to provide an extra service to clients that want to sell their property in the quickest time possible. Having a good number of properties which sold in 2010 we are eager to repeat the success formula for new clients on the selling side.

When you decide that the time is right to sell your property there are many considerations you have to bear in mind.

Firstly, is the time right? Your property will not sell in a market where you are surrounded by other similar properties at a lower price. You would have to compromise on price.

Secondly, has your property got that wow factor?

Thirdly, do you have the edge over the competition so that you get a regular supply of clients coming through the door, after all if they don’t come through the door how can they buy from you?

Finally how are you going to promote it? That is where our new service can help you a lot. Don’t just throw yourself into the void of the housing market without having our advice and expertise on your side. We can get you the best deals from a constantly updating database of clients who are looking for properties just like yours.

However bear one thing in mind; we will not just take on any old property. You will need to be keenly priced and have that little something extra, be it views, location, design, or whatever, in order to get onto our exclusive listings.

You will also need to accept our exclusivity contract which rewards us for the extreme advertising your property will receive through the major portals such as Kyero (for Spain), Prime Location, Right Move Overseas, ThinkSpain (for Spain), Spanish Living (for Spain), Daily Mail & Mail on Sunday and many more. The individual cost of these portals can run into the hundreds of Euros for advertising. We do it for you for free.

How many agents do you need? This is in addition to a highly sophisticated agency intranet brokerage that Girasol Homes offers where dozens of property agents also receive the details of your property to promote to their clients. This accounts for half of all of our sales.

What does the service cost? Well we charge a flat 5% fee on success. You will also need to be available and open for visits. There is no point advertising if people cannot get access to your property when required. Obviously you want the greatest possible exposure for your property. Your property will be shown on the Property Portals listed on the opening page and on many more too. We are constantly adding outlets to our advertising mix.

Obviously you want the greatest possible exposure for your property. Your property will be shown on the Property Portals listed on the opening page and on many more too. We are constantly adding outlets to our advertising mix.

Our Offer
1. Promotion through the property portals as above.
2. PDF Ads for your property distributed to enquirers
3. Preferential listings on our own websites in rotation
4. Guaranteed first page visibility and featured listings on many of the websites we host and run
5. Distribution to our Multi Listing Agent Network. We have a network of dozens of agents all around Spain, the UK and the rest of Europe who will receive your listing
6. Regular mail outs to our lists of buyers and the lists of buyers via Girasol’s agent networks.
7. Regular market updates and price comparisons with other similar properties.
8. Marketing MOT Review – what could be better, pictures, presentation etc.
9. (Optional) Your own highly targeted website to make your listing stand out even more from the crowd. At extra cost reimbursed if sale successful.
10. Promotion through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more to get your message out there to the greatest audience
12. For an additional fee we can get your property a Premium display on RightMove Overseas. Contact us for more details.

Why? As previously stated the more looking at your property the greater the chance of your property being sold. By using the huge leverage of the internet property portals and the advertising opportunities that we can offer you, your property is more likely to find the ideal client that will buy it. And that ideal client is much more likely to pay a fair price for your property than an untargeted client.

Our Guarantee

Nobody will work harder to promote your property making sure that it has the greatest chance of selling. Remember we do not accept all properties onto our exclusive list. They must be special and/or competitive. If your property matches our demanding criteria then we will give it all the support and promotion necessary to bring the sale to a successful conclusion.


Good Pictures -at least 6 high resolution pictures

Signed marketing agreement

Copy text for property/ Floor plans if available

Video if available – call/email us for delivery method

Access arrangements for the property(s)

In 2 weeks we will have our automated system up and running we will look to process new sellers this way for speed, service and efficiency.

Contact us here contact Girasol

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