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Friday 26th August 2011

Spanish Property Store Goes Live

One of the many new websites under construction at Girasol Homes is now live, specialising in Spanish Property Sales the new site at Spanish Property Store is already receiving traffic and new visitors.

Developed by Graham Hunt and Nigel Salmon this family of sites is intended to demonstrate to the Spanish Property Buyer the One Stop Shop Element of buying a Spanish Property through Girasol Homes.

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Friday 19th August 2011

Spanish Property Prices Now at Realistic levels

In contrast to the UK, where vendors are still in a state of denial, owners in Spain have finally began dropping their asking prices, according to new data from

In total, 31% of vendors have dropped their prices with a disproportionate number coming from the cheaper end of the market.

According to Idealista, 134,107 sellers lowered their prices which is 69% more than last year and the sharpest change ever recorded by the portal.

The regions with the biggest number of falls were in Madrid (10.2pc), Zaragoza (9.7pc) and Barcelona (8.8pc).

Girasol has found that the most activity is happening in the Alicante and Murcia Regions.

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Friday 19th August 2011

New Site to launch for Spanish Repossessions

By September Girasol Homes will have a whole host of Specialist sites that will form part of the Girasol Homes family. One of these is the Specialist Spanish Repossessions website spanish repossessions.

This site will focus on how to buy a Spanish Repossession Property and list some of the benefits of doing so. This could include a Low Deposit Property with a high percentage mortgage which would save thousands of Euros on a large deposit plus mortgage type property. More will follow on this site.

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Friday 19th August 2011

Spanish Property Tax is reduced to encourage sales

From the Wall Street Journal

MADRID—Spain will temporarily lower the rate of value-added tax levied on purchases of newly built housing as it looks to boost its moribund property market, part of a slew of new policies to help the economy and cut the government’s budget deficit.

At a press conference following an extraordinary cabinet meeting, Finance Minister Elena Salgado spelled out several measures, announced in recent days, to bring forward corporate-tax payments and reduce drug-procurement costs in the country’s state-run health service.

She also said the reduction in VAT on house buys—to 4% from 8%—will only be applied until the end of this year, and seeks to cut the large number of properties built in recent years that remain unsold. As Spanish property prices have tumbled since 2008, the number of transactions and employment in the sector have dropped significantly.

“This measure will help to generate economic activity,” Ms. Salgado said, adding that it should have a positive effect on government revenue, which she didn’t specify, through a significant increase in taxed transactions.

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