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Saturday 16th June 2012

A year ago your property would have cost you 10% more

A year ago your property would have cost you 10% more with the exchange rate and at least 10% more due to the tremendous value we now see in Spain and Portugal.

Property prices overseas are now heavily discounted and the GBP-EUR rate is 11% higher now than this time last year…… If you have been holding off then now may be a great time to take the plunge as you are saving both on property prices in Euros and of course the currency conversion.

The Sterling Euro rate had been down at 1.10 at the start of July 2011 and many people do not even take this into account during the early stages of buying a property overseas.

The key to a savvy property purchase is considering all the direct factors that may affect the cost and putting together a plan of action.

Currency exchange is one of the more volatile matters to address and there are many options available to you once you have agreed on a property to protect yourself from adverse market movements inclusive of a forward contract, stop loss order or a limit order.

Just imagine, if you bought a property for a certain price for example €120,000 and the currency market was at 1.20 it would initially cost you £100,000.

Should the market move against you and rates are at 1.16 by the time completion comes around suddenly the property is costing you £103,448.27 (An extra £3448.27!). Just think would you have agreed to pay more than £3000 more when you signed for your property – probably not.

Also that £3448.27 could be used to pay for your furniture or fees – Now you have to find the money from other sources.

Using a dedicated currency broker can actually save you thousands of Pounds both in terms of assisting you along every step of the way from getting over your deposit to paying for completion and from sending over money for building work to bringing back currency should you ever sell. A good currency broker will also get you a much better rate of exchange than your bank in a secure and efficient manner.

Here at Girasol Homes we have had experience of many currency brokers in the past both directly through our own transactions and indirectly through word of mouth from our clients and we have found that there is indeed one that stands out among the rest both in terms of their great exchange rates and knowledge of the markets and the speed and efficiency of their transfers when you do indeed need to get funds overseas on time.

If you do have a pending property purchase either with or without Girasol Homes or indeed if you will be looking to buy or sell overseas in the coming months then it is worth having a discussion with Daniel Wright at Foreign Currency Direct. You can explain your circumstances and he will be able to put together a plan of action with you as to how to combat what is an extremely volatile market.

You can email Daniel directly on djw@currencies.co.uk or call him directly 01494 787 462 please mention Girasol Homes and he will be more than happy to assist you and secure a great rate and give you specialist advice.

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Sunday 10th June 2012

Spanish Repossessions and how an expert property finding company can help

The current black cloud brought on Spain by the Financial markets is having a positive effect in certain ways. The banks are being forced to lower some of their optimistic prices on their stock of properties in many cases and there are some very decent prices around in selected areas.

Coupled with the fact that if you do want to buy with a mortgage then in many cases to get a mortgage higher than 60% it is likely to be the bank route we will be offering you on your property search.

In the last few weeks we have sold various properties from various banks and because we are Spanish property finders first and foremost we have managed to get for our clients at bargain prices. The majority of the stuff from banks continues to be potentially overpriced, which may change, some of it is poorly located, but if as many clients do, if they work with us and trust our judgement they will get the right property and it may not be a bank repossession it may well be a well priced re sale property as there are many of these around.

As the bailout carries on, we expect the opportunity to grow. But heed this, the best properties in the best areas sell first and always at a premium compared to others, this does not change and many people are “snow blind” to values only and they should heed the fact that location is everything.

Discuss your needs with our expert property finders, this way you will get what you want, still at a super price but not located in a terrible area, poor position and a bad investment.

Don’t make the mistake people are making every week and becoming snow blind to price only, you may make a big financial mistake.

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