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Sunday 25th May 2014

Girasol Homes Star Property Finder in the Daily Telegraph

Joy Stanley  one of the top performing Specialist Property Finders with the leading Spanish Experts Girasol Homes was featured with her latest clients John and Mandy Hayes in the leading newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, who have recently secured their dream property via Joy in the Pinoso area of Spain.

She joins a record number of clients who are enjoying the very best service, and the very best property finding, expertise and after sales service.

Girasol Homes Specialist New Division is also launching some top new homes for sale in the Pinoso area from Monday - these are from 232000 and are of a revolutionary new design for the area. These properties are to be found here

The Telegraph article is here

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Friday 9th May 2014

Foreign Currency News

From Daniel Wright - Foreign Currency advisor for Girasol Homes



An update from my email sent out yesterday, we have seen some great movements in the favour of anyone looking to buy Euros in the near future.


Head of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi commented in his press conference today that he would need to look at acting next time around in the June interest rate decision which led to a sharp fall in the value of the Euro.


Exchange rates are almost at a 52 week high to be buying Euros so if you are in the process of buying a property, now could be an excellent time to secure your currency.


With exchange rates moving every two seconds, if you are looking to buy or sell foreign currency in the coming days, weeks or months then it is imperative you have a currency broker on your side being your eyes and ears on the market. If you are looking to exchange in the near future then it would be prudent to contact me today so that I can keep you up to date with any significant market movements.


If you have a requirement in the future but you do not yet have the full availability of funds you can book out a forward contract. This is where you can book a rate out for up to a year in advance with just a small deposit, removing the risk of the currency market making your purchase any more expensive in the future.


This is ideal if you are in the process of buying a property overseas as you can know exactly how much the property is going to cost you today and eliminate the risk of the Pound dropping away again and missing out on this great opportunity.


I look forward to speaking with you if you have any questions or queries or you would like to book out a rate of exchange.


There is more information on Foreign Currency Here 

Daniel can be contacted at or via the Foreign Currency Direct site


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Thursday 8th May 2014

Property for sale in Portugal

Potugal Flag

Algarve 8/5/2015

The Chairman of National Real Estate Association (APEMIP) has revealed that property sales in Portugal have experienced positive growth for the first quarter of 2014.  Partly fueled by the traditional British appetite for Portuguese property, the market is showing renewed signs of recovery.

Luis Lima told the Lusa News agency that there had been a significant increase in foreign investment, particularly in the Algarve after the release of the association’s latest figures.

Mr Lima put the increase down to an increased interest from foreign buyers, revealing that a total of 24,000 properties changed hands between January and March. He further indicated that his association was finalising a comprehensive study that will be presented in the "very near future” and in which it is concluded that foreign investment in Portuguese real estate is more the result of the non-habitual residence programme than it is of the Golden Visa scheme (which essentially allows non – EU nationals a residency permit in Portugal)

Latest government figures reveal that by December 2013 a total of 471 golden residence visas had been issued.  Golden Visas are issued to foreign nationals making property investments in excess of 500,000 Euros, depositing more than a million Euros in fixed bank accounts or creating a business enterprise with at least ten new job openings.

Mr Lima argued that the non-habitual resident programme was of greater significance, highlighting the fact that that the majority of foreign buyers continue to be British. "British nationals continue to top the list of foreign buyers, followed by Chinese in second and French investors in third”, he revealed.

He added that there is an increasing trend for British buyers to be looking for country homes as opposed to the traditional beach apartments and villas, though the demand for this real estate still tops the list of potential buyers’ preferences.
Growing consumer confidence both at home and abroad has had an impact on the improvement in the market, with British investors in particular being increasingly buoyed by the rising values in their domestic property market

A further boost to the market came from Statistics Portugal (INE) which recorded consumer confidence at its highest level since December 2009. This index has registered a series of upward movements since the beginning of last year, a trend also seen with the economic climate indicator which also maintained a positive path started in January 2013.

Girasol Homes feel there is now every reason why this recovery should continue in Portugal and whilst there is some evidence of property prices rising in the most sought after locations there are still many bargains still to be had in Portugal although many of these are inevitably now being snapped up by shrewd investors.

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Saturday 3rd May 2014

Girasol Homes First Spanish Office is due to open in May 2014

Girasol Homes (The Spanish Property Finders) are busy finishing off their first office which will be located in the La Fuente Commercial Centre in Villamartin.


This office will showcase all the top properties in the area including the widest selection of property for sale in Villamartin, it will also cement the companies position as the #1 Property Finder specialising in property for sale in Spain.

In addition to this - the companies new Speciality, modern designer homes will be available at this office and a team of specialists will be on hand to find your dream, modern and brand new property.

If you would like to attend the opening please let Girasol Homes know as soon as possible.

For over 400 properties for sale in Villamartin follow this link.

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