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Wednesday 17th July 2013

UK still rules the waves in Spanish property sales

Sunny Spain is still a property hot spot for UK homebuyers. 

The United Kingdom is way out in front of a league table of property sales in Spain. Recently-released figures show 11,316 Spanish homes were bought by UK residents in 2012. France comes second with 6,778 sales while Russia is a close third by buying 6,555 properties.

Spain is also proving popular with Norwegian buyers with 4,390 sales. The sunny weather and the strong Norwegian krone against the euro are two major attractions for buying property in Spain. Their Swedish neighbours are also keen to invest in Spain and bought 3,236 homes to put them in fifth place.

As well as European residents, Spain is also proving popular in South and Central American countries with 846 homes sold to Argentineans. China is another surprising contender with 3,873 houses bought by Chinese residents.

Although the UK leads the way in sales, they are much further down the league when it comes to how much they pay for their villa or apartment. The average price of Spanish real estate sold to UK residents is €164,654. 

Only 903 sales were made to Danish people but they are buying more expensive homes with an average price of €210,377, which puts them at the top of the league. Fellow Scandinavians in Norway are also prepared to invest more in their Spanish houses with their average price being €200,678. 

Third in the league for the highest average price is the Netherlands at €199,095.

At the other end of the scale, there are people are looking for more modest properties with an average price of less than half those at the top of the league. The biggest bargain hunters come from Morocco where the average price spent on a Spanish property is €86,711. Romanians are also on the look-out for cheap homes and pay an average price of €100,214 with Colombians coming in next with an average price of €108,202.

Many investors are buying real estate at much lower prices than a few years ago, even in the popular areas around Alicante, Murcia, Malaga and the Balearic Islands. Spain enjoyed a property boom until about 2008 when sales fell and prices dropped. Prices have fallen by about one-third since 2007 in some regions, according to a Wall Street Journal report. There are also many repossessed apartments, villas and chalets for sale through the banks at knockdown prices.

Nigel Salmon, managing director of Girasol Homes, said: 

"There are some surprising figures in the table showing who is buying in Spain. It is interesting to see investment coming from the strong Scandinavian countries as well as further afield, like China.

"We are also very pleased to see that the UK is still No 1 when it comes to buying property in Spain and that their love affair with the home of flamenco, fiestas and fine cuisine continues.”

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Monday 18th February 2013

Sales up 50% on 2012 and Modern Style Properties selling fast in Spain

Girasol Homes Spain News

Sales have continued their year on year increase with a 50% rise in transactions with Girasol Homes Spain and also an increase in the value of transactions done.

Modern style properties with ultra modern features have all contributed to huge international interest with clients from all across Belgium, France, Holland, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.

 Modern properties for sale in Spain

A quick link to the newest modern style properties can be found here

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Wednesday 8th February 2012

Another Satisfied Customer buys through Girasol Homes

We have recently purchased an apartment in Spain which was advertised by Girasol Homes, Sven was the representative who we liaised with and who supported us throughout this process. This included arranging collection to and from the airport and solicitor etc and in providing suitable affordable accommodation for us to stay in during the viewing and purchasing process.

We would like to express our gratitude for his professional and supportive approach .we never felt pressurized when viewing the properties and Sven ensured that all the properties we viewed matched our requirements in terms of affordability location and other personal preferences.

We were both anxious about purchasing a property abroad safely as we had never done this before and we were very unsure of the process.

Sven was exceptionally helpful as he guided us throughout the process and he linked us to an excellent solicitor who was also extremely professional and very helpful ensuring the sale progressed, meeting the legal requirements within the allotted time frame.

After purchasing our apartment again Sven was invaluable in assisting us in buying white goods and furniture which we would not have been able to do as smoothly without his assistance and ongoing support.

We have absolutely no reservations at all in recommending your company and Sven’s services which have been exceptional being honest, unpressurised totally trustworthy and professional throughout.

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Tuesday 13th December 2011

Another Satisfied Client buys in Alicante Region

Dear Nigel

I would like to say thank you for finding me my home in Spain. Harvey Savage worked endlessly to find me just what I wanted he was so patient and nothing was too much trouble for him, he helped me every step of the way and I will always be grateful to him.

I would recommend Girasol Homes to anyone and Harvey is a great asset to your team out in Alicante

Thank you once Again

Kind Regards

Keith Stoner

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Friday 19th August 2011

Spanish Property Prices Now at Realistic levels

In contrast to the UK, where vendors are still in a state of denial, owners in Spain have finally began dropping their asking prices, according to new data from

In total, 31% of vendors have dropped their prices with a disproportionate number coming from the cheaper end of the market.

According to Idealista, 134,107 sellers lowered their prices which is 69% more than last year and the sharpest change ever recorded by the portal.

The regions with the biggest number of falls were in Madrid (10.2pc), Zaragoza (9.7pc) and Barcelona (8.8pc).

Girasol has found that the most activity is happening in the Alicante and Murcia Regions.

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