Thursday 25th June 2015

Greece in financial crisis so how did the other PIGS survive?

The Greek tragedy continues to be played out daily with the country staring financial ruin in the face. The country has needed yet another bailout from Europe and must make drastic economic reforms or face dire consequences.

Although it is still in a very precarious situation, Greece seems to be hanging on with a lot of guidance from the EU.

Three years ago, Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain, known as the PIGS, were all in financial strife. All, except Greece, complied with austerity measures and pulled through.

Portugal and Ireland are showing signs of recovery with Ireland turning its economy around with great success. Ireland exited its bailout measures in 2013 and is now enjoying rapid economic growth. Portugal's economy is also starting to grow again and it is repaying its bailout.

The situation in Spain is also improving but with voters protesting against the austerity measures by turning their backs on the ruling PP Party in May’s local elections and a general election coming up later this year, the question has been, can Spain pull its financial situation around?

It has been a long, hard struggle for Spain with many businesses collapsing, the property bubble being burst and millions of people losing their jobs. Many even lost their homes.

Things are getting much better in Spain

Now there are many green shoots of recovery to hint at positive signs that things are improving in Spain. Tourism figures are up for a start. In the first two months of the year, Spain broke two tourism records. The country had 6.5 million international tourists in January and February, who spent more than €6.6 billion.

Everything points to this trend continuing with the strong pound attracting British holidaymakers while French and German tourists find their euro goes a lot further in Spain than back at home.

Tourism brings thousands of seasonal jobs in the hotels, restaurants and leisure industry. Very welcome news indeed. 

However for young people, job prospects in Spain are not looking so bright. Nearly half of all young adults in Spain do not have work. Many have moved abroad to work with Germany and Britain being favourite places to go, especially for qualified people. The property market has recovered however in many cases.

Weak euro boosts property market

The weak euro has helped exports and significantly the property market. Spain’s property market is picking up, thanks to low prices as well as the strong sterling. Many property seekers are from overseas with northern Europeans, especially the British, looking for homes in the popular coastal resorts of the Costa Blanca, Murcia and Costa del Sol.

An article in Bloomberg says Britons are the biggest investors as they feel Spain is a good place to put their money because they are getting poor rates from UK savings accounts and property prices are so high back home. This aligned to the Pension drawdown opportunity points to the stronger Property Market.

The article says that interest in some coastal resorts, like Marbella, is such that new homes are being built. Realistically the Costa Blanca is the area where most new builders are building their developments and where the majority of sales are happening.

Investment in Spanish property soared to €17.8 billion in 2014 compared to €4.9 billion in 2013, according to data from the Research Institute of Applied Economics (IRWA).

Nigel Salmon of Girasol Homes has also noticed a marked increase in interest from property buyers. "We are getting many more enquiries than this time last year and arranging many more viewings. As well as interest in the second-hand market, more new construction enquiries, interestingly we have a lot of buyers looking to buy plots so they can design and build their own home,” he said. There are a number of bespoke showhomes in the area which clients can now view, its is a very exciting property

That optimism of a recovery is being echoed in other sectors too.

"Spain has returned to about 95% of where it was in 2008,” says Professor Javier Diaz-Giménez of the IESE business school in Madrid. "That means 2008 is still a benchmark people look back at with nostalgia. At current growth rates, the economy will get back to where it was in 2008 at the end of next year. It’s a very late recovery.”

So, hopefully, it seems as though recovery is just around the corner.

If you are thinking of investing in the Spanish Property Market you need to talk to Girasol Homes Spain as soon as possible.

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Thursday 12th February 2015

Girasol Homes Spain Newsletter 7/2/2015

Click here to read the latest issue of the Girasol Homes Spain newsletter

A message to customers from MD of Girasol Homes, Nigel Salmon

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Friday 6th February 2015

Recent Market Data February 2015

As you probably know the Euro has been weakened significantly recently which provides an excellent opportunity for foreign buyers to save thousands on a European property purchase. In the last year the British Pound has seen a 10% increase in strength against the Euro – British buyers are now in a favourable situation where they see a seven-year high in exchange rates coupled with the lowest house prices in Spain in ten years. (Figures 1 & 2)

Figure 1 – Property price (€/m²) Source: Ministry of Housing Spain


Figure 2 - EUR/GBP 7 year profile. Source:

This correlates nicely with economic confidence also at a seven-year high, particularly in areas such as retail, consumer confidence and industry. Some good comparisons on last year to note would be:

·14.2% more mortgages approved in November 2014 compared to the same period the year before

·5.1% more new build permit applications submitted in 2014 than 2013

·2013 saw a record breaking number of tourists come to Spain and 2014 also broke records with a 6.5% increase on the previous year. These 65 million tourists spent approximately 63.1 billion €.

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Thursday 4th December 2014

Underground homes featured in the Telegraph

The Telegraph recently featured underground homes in its property section including cave houses found on our website from rural Granada. You can read the full article here.


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Friday 8th August 2014

Spain Still Number One for British Buyers to Retire to

property for sale in Spain

With a strong pound (up 10% in a year) and a recovering economy many United Kingdom buyers approaching retirement are heading back to Spain in ever increasing numbers as a recent survey has demonstrated. The survey from MGM advantage is shown in a table below (from the Daily Telegraph) and backs up Nigel Salmons view that Spain remains the firm favourite for Holiday Home and Retirement buyers from all across Europe.


Top ten retirement destinations

United States 
Far East 
South East Europe 

Source: MGM Advantage



Girasol Homes have recently opened their first Spanish Office and have set award winning customer service as their goal as well as the superb new designer property section - available for clients to design with their in house specialists and their wide range of modern new properties.

The new office can be contacted locally at the La Fuente Commerial Centre, Villamartin.


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Monday 20th January 2014

British head to Alicante and Murcia

British flocking to Alicante and Murcia

Alicante-Elche airport recorded the largest rise in passenger numbers during 2013 of any of Spain’s A list airports – up 8.8% on 2012

For the year ending December 2013 the airport registered figures of 9,638,860 just short of the record set in 2011 of 9.9m

The increase in numbers has largely been attributed to a 20% increase in international flights while domestic flight numbers dropped by 10%

Low cost airlines Ryanair and Easyjet accounted for 41% of all flights while British travellers made up 45% of passengers

In Valencia the airport at Manises recorded 4,599,990 passengers in 2013. This was 3.2% down on 2012 but numbers for November and December were both up on the previous year.

It was a similar story in Murcia and San Javier where overall passenger numbers fell by 3.5 % - however the figure for December was up an extraordinary 31.5% on the previous year,  this followed an equally impressive 14.3 % rise in November.  Over  28,000 of the people arriving in Murcia in December were British.

This is an edited article from a report in the Costa News – Jan 17th 2014

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Wednesday 20th November 2013

British Pound Rises Against the Euro to over 1.20

The Pound has just breached the 1.20 mark against the Euro in afternoon trading following notification that the European Central Bank have been discussing the possibility of negative deposit rates. 

British Pound 

The British Economy is starting to see the signs of recovery and this is starting to show with a larger number of sales and enquiries from UK buyers.

1.20 Euros has been the catalyst for UK buyers to enter the market in even larger numbers and this will show through even in the months of November and December in terms of enquiries for property for sale in Spain and Portugal.

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Wednesday 17th July 2013

UK still rules the waves in Spanish property sales

Sunny Spain is still a property hot spot for UK homebuyers. 

The United Kingdom is way out in front of a league table of property sales in Spain. Recently-released figures show 11,316 Spanish homes were bought by UK residents in 2012. France comes second with 6,778 sales while Russia is a close third by buying 6,555 properties.

Spain is also proving popular with Norwegian buyers with 4,390 sales. The sunny weather and the strong Norwegian krone against the euro are two major attractions for buying property in Spain. Their Swedish neighbours are also keen to invest in Spain and bought 3,236 homes to put them in fifth place.

As well as European residents, Spain is also proving popular in South and Central American countries with 846 homes sold to Argentineans. China is another surprising contender with 3,873 houses bought by Chinese residents.

Although the UK leads the way in sales, they are much further down the league when it comes to how much they pay for their villa or apartment. The average price of Spanish real estate sold to UK residents is €164,654. 

Only 903 sales were made to Danish people but they are buying more expensive homes with an average price of €210,377, which puts them at the top of the league. Fellow Scandinavians in Norway are also prepared to invest more in their Spanish houses with their average price being €200,678. 

Third in the league for the highest average price is the Netherlands at €199,095.

At the other end of the scale, there are people are looking for more modest properties with an average price of less than half those at the top of the league. The biggest bargain hunters come from Morocco where the average price spent on a Spanish property is €86,711. Romanians are also on the look-out for cheap homes and pay an average price of €100,214 with Colombians coming in next with an average price of €108,202.

Many investors are buying real estate at much lower prices than a few years ago, even in the popular areas around Alicante, Murcia, Malaga and the Balearic Islands. Spain enjoyed a property boom until about 2008 when sales fell and prices dropped. Prices have fallen by about one-third since 2007 in some regions, according to a Wall Street Journal report. There are also many repossessed apartments, villas and chalets for sale through the banks at knockdown prices.

Nigel Salmon, managing director of Girasol Homes, said: 

"There are some surprising figures in the table showing who is buying in Spain. It is interesting to see investment coming from the strong Scandinavian countries as well as further afield, like China.

"We are also very pleased to see that the UK is still No 1 when it comes to buying property in Spain and that their love affair with the home of flamenco, fiestas and fine cuisine continues.”

Property for sale in Spain

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Friday 28th December 2012

Another client pleased with their purchase in Spain Via Girasol Homes

Hi Nigel,

I would just like to say thank you to you and your team at Girasol Homes.

The support you have given us has made the overseas buying process very easy, I’d like to say a special thank you to Dave and Sven who not only found and secured the property for us but also took the time to sell the area and lifestyle. The efficiency in securing keys, viewings, applications, solicitors etc enabled us to make an informed decision in a short amount of time with no pressure.

You and your team provide a first class service and we look forward to working with you in the New Year to help modernise and manage our property.

Happy Christmas to everyone.

Kind Regards, Luke & Helen.

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Tuesday 11th September 2012

Property Sale Transactions rise across Spain by over 15%

Encouraging news and exactly what we are seeing in our main areas.
The results of statistics on residential property transactions made before a notary, released on Friday 7th September 2012 by the Ministry of Development, show that in the second quarter of 2012, 80,235 homes were sold in Spain, which represents an increase of 15.6% over the previous quarter.

In the period between June 2011 and June 2012, the number of notarised residential property transactions amounted to 333,562.

The figure recorded in the second quarter of 2012 represents a decrease of 11.6% compared to the same period of 2011.

In relation to the territorial distribution, two regions recorded positive annual variations, the Canary Islands and Valencia, with increases of 1.4% and 0.2% respectively, while at the opposite extreme were the declines recorded for Cantabria (-36.3%), the Basque Country (-31.1%), Navarra (-30.0%) and Madrid (-28.9%).

Eight provinces registered growth, led by Lleida, with an increase of 28.1%, followed by Segovia, with 27.2%, and Alicante and Las Palmas both with an increase of 4.7%. At the opposite end stood Viscaya with a decline of 44%, followed by Melilla, León, Navarra and Ciudad Real, all with falls of around 30%.

The municipalities which recorded the highest number of sales were Madrid (4,282), Barcelona (2,238), Zaragoza (1,228), Valencia (1,128) and Seville (1,054).

Highlighted for growth among the provincial capitals and municipalities with more than 100,000 inhabitants are Getafe (322.9%), Segovia (125.7%), Toledo (109.9%), Badajoz (55.6%), Cáceres (46.6%), and Cordoba (29.0%). As for the largest declines, these were registered in Torrejón de Ardoz (-68.1%), Alcorcón (-62.5%), Móstoles (-58.7%), Fuenlabrada (-55.5%), Bilbao (-46.3%) and Tarragona (-40.2%).

Free housing transactions in the second quarter of 2012 amounted to 72,723, representing 90.6% of the total, while protected housing transactions in this period amounted to 7,512, representing 9.4% of the total.

Transactions for new housing amounted to 23,540, representing 29.3% of the total, while second-hand housing, with 56,695 transactions, recorded a fall of 5.7% year-on-year but an increase of 9.4% compared to the first quarter of 2012.

With regard to the nationality of the buyer, La Moncloa reported that transactions made by foreign residents in Spain experienced growth for the fourth consecutive quarter, namely by 12.1% compared to the second quarter of 2011, with a total of 9,502 sales.

By province, those which registered a higher number of purchases by foreign residents, were Alicante (2,645), Málaga (1,127), Barcelona (847), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (655) and the Balearic Islands (536).

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Friday 3rd August 2012

Spain overtakes France and USA as the UK’s favourite place to buy

Spain has overtaken France and the USA as the United Kingdoms favourite place to buy an overseas property, according to The Overseas Guides Company (OGC).

The firm reports that 22% of all enquiries that it received between April and June this year were for property in Spain, which represents a staggering 37.5% increase on the first quarter of 2012 when the country’s share of enquiries for the Company was just 16%.

Property in France pulled in the second highest share with 21%, followed by property in USA with 14%, each dropping just 1% compared to the first quarter.

This ties in with what we at Girasol Homes have seen with a massive surge in enquiries and sales for properties for sale in Spain in 2012, many more for properties for sale in Portugal and the United States as well.

The encouraging exchange rate versus a weakening Euro has led to many more viewing trips and Spanish Property Sales (Record July 2012) and is expected to continue through the Summer and Autumn.

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Saturday 7th July 2012

Pound at three year high and activity soars

The Pound to Euro exchange rate reached a fresh three-and a-half year high today of 1.2607 as wary investors sought to cut their exposure to the struggling currency bloc.

The Euro was already suffering from yesterday’s European Central Bank rate cut which sent the Pound a cent higher on the day, and the single currency was dealt another blow this afternoon as a disappointing US Change in Non-farm Payrolls print caused a decline in risk appetite. June’s figure of 80,000 new jobs undershot analysts’ expectations of 100,000 which gave investors cause for concern that the world’s largest economy is faltering. Subsequently the Pound was able to grow by a further half cent to reach a high not seen since November 2008 as Sterling benefitted from defensive inflows from the Eurozone.

At Girasol Homes we have never been so busy as we are this year with sales to buyers all over Europe, USA and from the United Kingdom.

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Saturday 16th June 2012

A year ago your property would have cost you 10% more

A year ago your property would have cost you 10% more with the exchange rate and at least 10% more due to the tremendous value we now see in Spain and Portugal.

Property prices overseas are now heavily discounted and the GBP-EUR rate is 11% higher now than this time last year…… If you have been holding off then now may be a great time to take the plunge as you are saving both on property prices in Euros and of course the currency conversion.

The Sterling Euro rate had been down at 1.10 at the start of July 2011 and many people do not even take this into account during the early stages of buying a property overseas.

The key to a savvy property purchase is considering all the direct factors that may affect the cost and putting together a plan of action.

Currency exchange is one of the more volatile matters to address and there are many options available to you once you have agreed on a property to protect yourself from adverse market movements inclusive of a forward contract, stop loss order or a limit order.

Just imagine, if you bought a property for a certain price for example €120,000 and the currency market was at 1.20 it would initially cost you £100,000.

Should the market move against you and rates are at 1.16 by the time completion comes around suddenly the property is costing you £103,448.27 (An extra £3448.27!). Just think would you have agreed to pay more than £3000 more when you signed for your property – probably not.

Also that £3448.27 could be used to pay for your furniture or fees – Now you have to find the money from other sources.

Using a dedicated currency broker can actually save you thousands of Pounds both in terms of assisting you along every step of the way from getting over your deposit to paying for completion and from sending over money for building work to bringing back currency should you ever sell. A good currency broker will also get you a much better rate of exchange than your bank in a secure and efficient manner.

Here at Girasol Homes we have had experience of many currency brokers in the past both directly through our own transactions and indirectly through word of mouth from our clients and we have found that there is indeed one that stands out among the rest both in terms of their great exchange rates and knowledge of the markets and the speed and efficiency of their transfers when you do indeed need to get funds overseas on time.

If you do have a pending property purchase either with or without Girasol Homes or indeed if you will be looking to buy or sell overseas in the coming months then it is worth having a discussion with Daniel Wright at Foreign Currency Direct. You can explain your circumstances and he will be able to put together a plan of action with you as to how to combat what is an extremely volatile market.

You can email Daniel directly on or call him directly 01494 787 462 please mention Girasol Homes and he will be more than happy to assist you and secure a great rate and give you specialist advice.

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Sunday 10th June 2012

Spanish Repossessions and how an expert property finding company can help

The current black cloud brought on Spain by the Financial markets is having a positive effect in certain ways. The banks are being forced to lower some of their optimistic prices on their stock of properties in many cases and there are some very decent prices around in selected areas.

Coupled with the fact that if you do want to buy with a mortgage then in many cases to get a mortgage higher than 60% it is likely to be the bank route we will be offering you on your property search.

In the last few weeks we have sold various properties from various banks and because we are Spanish property finders first and foremost we have managed to get for our clients at bargain prices. The majority of the stuff from banks continues to be potentially overpriced, which may change, some of it is poorly located, but if as many clients do, if they work with us and trust our judgement they will get the right property and it may not be a bank repossession it may well be a well priced re sale property as there are many of these around.

As the bailout carries on, we expect the opportunity to grow. But heed this, the best properties in the best areas sell first and always at a premium compared to others, this does not change and many people are “snow blind” to values only and they should heed the fact that location is everything.

Discuss your needs with our expert property finders, this way you will get what you want, still at a super price but not located in a terrible area, poor position and a bad investment.

Don’t make the mistake people are making every week and becoming snow blind to price only, you may make a big financial mistake.

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Monday 2nd April 2012

Girasol Homes pulls out of Cyprus Market

The professional property finders Girasol Homes have decided to withdraw from Property Sales in Cyprus, poor local economic conditions and the difficult property market and partnerships have made the decision straightforward.

High levels of property sales in Spain and in other markets have reinforced the decision to concentrate on markets which are continuing to bounce back and with the majority of clients looking to buy in Spain, USA and Portugal it makes economic sense for the company to service it’s core markets.

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Thursday 29th March 2012

Girasol Homes New Facebook Page is live

Overseas Property Finders Girasol Homes have just begun their new Facebook Page and so far have over 1500 members, this page is updated daily with tips, tricks and the latest hot properties for sale in Spain, Portugal and investment properties across Florida, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Established in 2006 Girasol Homes is recognised as one of the expert property finders for Overseas Property in Spain, Portugal and the USA. This is also the case with its new services for investors at Property Investor

Discover the new page at

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Saturday 10th March 2012

€530 Billion Euros Set To Boost The Eurozone Property Market

€530 Billion Euros Set To Boost The Eurozone Property Market And US Recovery Sign

This week 800 Euro zone banks tried to replicate Americas success in raising consumer confidence and brought €530 billion in the largest ECB liquidity operation of its kind.

To be clear this is not a Greek style bailout. This is a growth stimulus, which in theory should boost the property market as banks start lending again.

America initiated a similar scheme last year and since the start of 2012 America has:

Reduced unemployment by 250,000 people.
Consumer Borrowing is near a 10 year high.
The DOW Jones has breached the 13,000 mark for first time since 2008.
US property prices have risen by 4.3%.
US GDP has increased by 3%
New build property is up 9.9% when compared to the same period in 2011

These figures are in complete contrast to the storm of negative media in the UK and Europe which has sapped consumer confidence to the extent that potential buyers are tuning off and walking away from fantastic buying opportunities. Fortunately a lot of professional investors feel the recent surge in positive US data coupled with the boom in US property prices and the 5% drop in Gold is proof that the USA has “turned a corner”.

As the saying goes “when America sneezes the world catches a cold”.

We have personally noticed a change in client activity and the mind-set of the majority of international agents we work with. With the exception of international agents with strong exposure to American and Australian clients, most agents are experiencing a slow start to the year in terms of sales but are receiving an unprecedented level of enquiries. This is a key indication that huge numbers of cautious buyers are sitting on the fence or waiting for a chance to buy, most buyers normally fit into 2 groups.

The first group are cash buyers that sit on their hands and wait for the “dust to settle” that almost always have 1 of three common reasons not to buy today.

First Group

They think the Eurozone will collapse and they feel more comfortable leaving their money in a bank. In reality the collapse of the Eurozone would cause Financial Armageddon and the first thing to go in the UK would be the finance sector which would cause the banking system to fail. Think Northern Rock times 100. If you’re one of the many who feels this is a possibility ask yourself, would I rather leave my money in a bank which is not generating me any interest and wait for the banking system to collapse or should I buy a hugely reduced, tangible asset?

The majority of cash buyers waiting for the “right time” feel property prices will continue to fall whilst the Eurozone problem continue to dominate the media. On Wednesdays Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank (ECB) said that a “a major, major credit crunch” had been averted in Europe. This has and will continue to inspire confidence in the future of Europe, especially once the record breaking investment becomes available in the shape of loans and mortgages.

Furthermore if you are waiting for prices to fall in the areas most heavily affected by the economic downturn like Spain you have to ask yourself how much further can prices go? Can sellers reduce their property price even further? The answer is no as a lot of sellers have started taking their property’s off the market in response to buyers bullishly trying to negotiate on hugely reduced properties?

The governments cannot allow this to happen and have stepped in with the €530 billion to turn things around.

The third reason normally relates to seasoned investors whose appetite for risk goes up when the average person loses all confidence in the markets (these are the people that make the most money when the average person thinks everyone is losing money, the same people that brought oil and gold during the banking collapse. At a time when the media last told you the world was going to end these investors doubled and tripled their investment in the safest sectors in the world). They have seen exchange rates move by as much as 12% in their favour as property prices have decreased.

Since the banking grant was released on Wednesday our currency broker has experienced a surge in clients buying their currency on a forward contract. It’s been noticed that the clients buying are mostly seasoned investors who feel we are looking the bottom of the market.

Second Group

The second group represent the majority of potential buyers that need a mortgage in order to buy. The €530 billion will take some time to circulate through the banking system in order for the average person to receive a mortgage. When mortgages do become available what do you think will happen? Do you think buyers will turn down the opportunity to buy half prices villa in the sun? I don’t think so.

If you are a cash buyer you wont get a better opportunity to buy than the one today! Professional investors and representative’s for companies from Scandinavia, Russia, China and America are already buying. Let us know how we can help.

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Thursday 23rd February 2012

Girasol Homes Looks to expand its partners network in 2012

Following on from a very successful 2011 Girasol Homes would like to expand its partners network in 2012 across New Regions of Spain.

Looking to be the leading Spanish Property Finding company in 2012 we are looking for leading specialists in certain, well regarded and priced areas of Spain.

We have a tried and trusted and very successful system that works for our partner agencies across 22 locations in Spain and Portugal.

Now in our 6th year of operating we expect to have another tremendous year of sales and effective collaborations.

Girasol Homes are full AIPP Members.

Please contact us at for a confidential discussion.

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Saturday 11th February 2012

Girasol Homes are working with the Habitat for Humanity charity in 2012

Girasol Homes partners with Habitat for Humanity to help fund new homes across the globe

Habitat for Humanity

This year will see the overseas property finders, Girasol Homes team up with global housing charity, Habitat for Humanity, to provide funding for the building of new homes for impoverished communities across the globe.

Every time Girasol sells a property from any of their European and American markets, the company will donate part of its revenue generated to Habitat for Humanity, which will use the money to fund the building of a new home in Britain or beyond. Clients will be kept informed as to the progress of the projects which involve housing, training and other valuable schemes.
Girasol has been keen to partner with a charity for the start of the 2012 New Year, and with their overseas property roots and the owner’s childhood in third world countries they believe they are best-partnered with Habitat for Humanity, to deliver an innovative and constant funding scheme that works in tandem with the company’s successes.

Nigel Salmon, Managing Director of Girasol Homes, said, “Habitat for Humanity is a great charity for a company like Girasol Homes to partner with. My company understands property and we think that Girasol and our funding structure will work well with a charity that works to deliver projects with the aim to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness across the globe.”
He added, “Providing funding for new property allows Girasol and most importantly our clients to have a part in providing a permanent benefit to a less-fortunate community that will hopefully last for generations. I believe that Habitat for Humanity’s cause is noble and one that my company and I are proud to support.”

Founded by American self-made millionaire, Millard Fuller, Habitat for Humanity, has helped over 2.5 million people around the world to escape poverty housing and homelessness through a self-help model that sees locals empowered to solve their own housing issues.

With the growth and success of Girasol Homes it is hoped that the partnership with Habitat for Humanity will really help the charity tackle major homeless and housing problems across the globe in the near future.


For further information please contact Nigel Salmon on 01974 299055 or email


Notes to Editors:

Girasol Homes and its sister brand Property Investor Supermarket is a full service property finding and broking agency offering properties for sale and rent in Spain, properties for sale and rent in Portugal; properties for sale in Turkey; properties for sale in Egypt, Italy, Caribbean, United States and investment properties in the UK and other European countries.

Now firmly established (we opened in 2006) we have built up an impressive array of benefits to the customers we service and our clients get access to the best properties dealt with by the right professionals in a huge area of operation. Girasol also looks after many estate agents, financial advisers and property professionals as a specialist property broker to their clients and staff.

At Girasol Homes our aim is straightforward:
“To offer the best quality properties, a professional approach, and an exceptional level of service”

Habitat for Humanity is an international charity that aims to break the cycle of poverty by eliminating poverty housing and homelessness. We believe that everyone, regardless of background, gender or belief, has a right to a safe, decent place to live. We champion that right and also take practical action, working with communities around the world to empower them to design and manage appropriate housing projects in their neighbourhood. Since 1976 we have helped over 2.5 million people.

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Thursday 15th December 2011

Property Investor Supermarket launches Indiana Investment Properties

Indiana Investment Properties

Indiana Investment Properties

Indiana Investment Properties

Indiana Investment Properties

As the year 2011 comes to a close it brings with it a great opportunity to get a steal on other investors.

Property Investor Supermarket is proud to launch a brand new market to our growing portfolio of investment properties.

Our newest market is in Indianapolis, a thriving metropolis, in direct competition with locations like Buffalo, Detroit and Atlanta.

It is Indiana’s largest city and is the 14th largest city in the U.S., the third largest city in the Midwest (behind Chicago and Detroit),

With lower than average US unemployment levels, lower median wages which means one thing for us cheap property for investors and most of all RENTERS ….

We have just this week signed a strategic alliance with a group of companies to source homes in the old historic district of Indianapolis “where people want to live and rent”

• Indianapolis is undergoing a major facelift improvements in the “rebuild Indy project” to give curb appeal to Indianapolis streets & bridges valued at almost $200 million (

• Prices from $35,000-$60000 • Nett yields from 12% • Rental guarantee for 12 months • Warranty on appliances 12 months • Full hands off investments with professional property management company as part of the deal ·

When you hear Indianapolis you immediately think Indy Car racing but it is a lot more than that !

Indianapolis is an “up & coming area”

Fast facts about Indianapolis

Indianapolis Skyline

• Home of the Super Bowl XLVI, On May 20, 2008, the city was awarded the rights to host Super Bowl XLVI. Indianapolis hosted the 1987 Pan American Games and the2002 World Basketball Championships • Indianapolis International Airport, airport code IND, is the largest airport in Indiana and is home to the second largest FedEx operation in the world (after the Memphis headquarters) and the United States Postal Service Eagle Network Hub. The entire airport is a global free trade zone called INZONE with 18 designated subzones.

• Indianapolis is a prime centre for logistics and distribution facilities. It is home to distribution centres for companies such as, Foxconn, Finish Line, Target, and CVS Pharmacy • Indianapolis 500, Brickyard 400, Men’s & Woman’s NCAA Basketball Tournaments •

Several new large corporations like Honda & Carbon Motors have settled in Indianapolis in the last year • Headquarters to Eli Lilly, Brightpoint, Wellpoint, Simon Property Group to name a few •

The National Association of Home Builders and Wells Fargo ranked Indianapolis the most affordable major housing market in the U.S. • Forbes magazine ranked it the sixth-best city for jobs •

Indianapolis ranked first on CNN/Money’s list of the top 10 cities for recent graduates. •

Indianapolis ranked 10th in the best cities for relocation by Yahoo Real Estate •

The largest industry sectors by employment in Indianapolis are manufacturing, health care, social services, and retail trade. Compared to Indiana as a whole, the Indianapolis metropolitan area has a lower proportion of manufacturing jobs and a higher concentration of jobs in wholesale trade; administrative, support, and waste management; professional, scientific, and technical services; and transportation and warehousing.

Additional Facts
• Indianapolis is the home of: Ball State University Indianapolis Centre, Butler University, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, Marian University, Martin University, Oakland City University Indianapolis campus, The Art Institute of Indianapolis, Vincennes University Aviation Technology Centre, the University of Indianapolis, the University of Phoenix, and WGU Indiana. •

Indianapolis is below the national unemployment rate at only 8.5%, in better terms that means 97.5% of hoosiers are employed ( •

According to government data, the average salary for jobs in Indianapolis, Indiana is $32,020, and the median income of households in Indianapolis was $40,051.

More properties will appear from the 3rd week of December as our stock levels rise – in the meantime contact Chris

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Wednesday 5th October 2011

Kind Words from Satisfied Clients

Dear Nigel, I want to write a thank you note, we have bought an apartment in Entre Naranjos.

We have done this in response to an advertisement from you, directed by Sven, who knew of our desires and he has been searching for us. We therefore very much like to add our compliments on your site, especially to Sven.

He found and supported the decisive factor for our purchase, our thanks. It is the house of our dreams and we love it in Entre Naranjos,

Very briefly, our sincere compliments, and especially to Sven but also to the whole Girasol Homes who made this possible.

We would like to say to anyone who wants to buy a house in Spain go to Girasol Homes, you do not get disappointed.

Yours sincerely, Mr and Mrs Bos (Nehtherlands)

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Wednesday 25th May 2011

Portugal Property Market Analysis

Residential Property Market in Portugal, Silver Coast Area

Nigel Salmon MD of Girasol Homes ( recently spoke to his colleague Craig Anderson in the Silver Coast Region of Portugal regarding the marketplace and current conditions locally.

Nigel: “What is the market like locally?”

Craig: “At the moment there is a lot of press with regards to the current climate in Portugal which is fuelling some concerns about the financial and political stability of the country. With the current Centre-Left government resigning and the press bandying around phrases like “Financial Bailout”, “Austerity Measures” and “Recession” like they were confetti, it is no wonder. On the back of this there have been some reductions in the asking prices of some properties, and coupled with some reports that property prices are in “Free Fall”, seems to be giving the impression that there is also a real instability in the residential property market”

Nigel: “But is this really the case?”

Craig: “Every market is unique and has unique opportunities, let me explain”

There are several factors that make this market different from markets which may be more familiar to people such as the UK or Spanish Residential Property Markets.

1. Land classifications have been created with there being 4 main types. They are Urban, Touristic, Rustic (or Agro-Florestal) and Eco-Reserve Land. This allows for the control of where, as well as what type of properties can be built. For example you can’t build an apartment block on Rustic land. Rustic land generally only allows 1 detached or 2 semi-detached properties to be built.

2. There are very strict guidelines when it comes to building in Portugal. These include very rigid rules regarding the size of building in relation to the land that it is being built on as well as the maximum height and so on. This is designed to prevent overbuilding, or the construction of high-rise apartment buildings etc.

3. Proximity to the Ocean. There are restrictions on the various land types as to how close to the Ocean you are allowed to build. Recent changes have meant that it is no longer possible to build on certain types of land, such as Rustic land, if they are within 800m of the coastline.

4. There is a minimum land requirement meaning you must have a certain amount of land in order to be allowed to build on it. Again recent law changes saw the minimum requirement for Rustic land changed from 2,000sqm to 40,000sqm which greatly reduced the availability of building land over night.

5. Mortgages, for some time now it has been virtually impossible to borrow money from a bank to buy a piece of land. Therefore virtually all the land is debt free in Portugal and the owners, generally, are under no pressure to sell the land to clear debt.

Nigel: “So what does all this mean?”

Craig: “If you take all the factors and apply them across the board, it means that the supply of land is very limited. It means that any available land with a good sea view is at a premium and will only sell at a premium price. As you move inland the price does drop a little but the scarcity of Rustic land means that land prices are still fairly high. It also means that landowners are not desperate to sell their land and therefore you are unlikely to see wholesale reductions in the price of land. It means that existing properties, particularly those with a good sea view or some other unique feature, will hold their value because it is generally no longer possible to build a comparable property given the new and current building restrictions.”

Nigel: “So why therefore are we seeing some reductions in asking price?”

Craig: “There are reductions in the asking price of some properties, and whilst most property owners seem to be more receptive to negotiating than before, it tends to be the developers who are making large scale cuts in the asking prices. This is occurring for 2 possible reasons.

1. The builder may have borrowed during the ‘good times’ at low interest rates to make speculative builds and they may have designed their properties to cater specifically to international property buying market. Now that ‘harder times’ are here, they are being squeezed by higher costs, and interest rates at the same time when the international property buying market has slumped because of exchange rates and worldwide economic woes. Some builders are left with little choice but to slash the price of their property in order to liquidate the asset, clear the debt and basically get out. We have already seen a number of builders shut up shop under current economic pressure. We do have access to advertised and “un advertised” discounted homes.

2. Not all builders however are in the same dire straits. Many are in much stronger positions but possibly need to make just a single sale to ensure they are able to weather the current economic storm. However because other builders are cutting their prices, the stronger builders are being forced to follow suit in order to remain competitive in the eyes of the few bargain hunters who are out there. It is also worth noting that most of the price reductions are coming from the luxury market and tend to be on properties that are priced in excess of €500,000. At present we are seeing only a few obvious price reductions on properties below this figure.”

Nigel: “So what impact is this having on the market?”

Craig: “Things have changed and the change has been very rapid. The new property market is split between properties priced over €500,000 and those priced below this figure. The higher priced properties are seeing a reduction in the asking price which has yet to filter down to the properties below €500,000. The resale market tends to see prices remaining fairly steady although vendors seem to be more receptive to negotiations. The plot and build market is the one seeing the least amount of activity at the moment because of the increase in VAT and the general rising cost of materials. 12 months ago you could have bought some land and built a property for as much as 25% below what you would have paid for a comparable, existing property. Unfortunately this is no longer the case as the price differential has slowly been eroded away. At the moment, particularly with the current reductions on Luxury Properties, it is now more sensible to buy an existing property and enjoy it now, rather than build your own property for much the same price but have to wait up to 2 years for the result.”

Nigel: “So when do you believe it is the best time to buy a property and why?”

Craig: “I believe now, Summer 2011, is the time to buy because the current prices will not remain as they are and there are some exceptionally good bargains around. The next election here in Portugal is set for the 5th June. In the short term, it really doesn’t matter which political party gets elected to office because they are all bound by the terms of the “Bailout” to implement the same measures. Then the agreed financial rescue package needs to be delivered and be in place by the 15th June. Once these two events take place, the dust will begin to settle.

The world will see that there isn’t such a major problem in Portugal and the confidence will begin to return and people will start investing in property again. Once this starts to happen, the price reductions will quickly disappear as the laws of economics kick in. We will see the demand for properties increase as the confidence returns and the limited supply of properties will reduce as properties are sold to satisfy the demand. Increasing demand and a reduction in supply will inevitably result in the prices going up. Initially I don’t expect there to be a huge increase in prices, those that have been reduced will revert to their pre-reduction prices and the rest will probably remain as they are, there will just be less room to negotiate. However, as time goes on and confidence continues to grow, we will see a shortage of available properties with the result that it will become a sellers’ market, and then we will see prices increasing.”

Nigel: “But won’t they just build more properties to satisfy the demand?”

Craig: “Possibly. However for at least the last 18 months the banks in Portugal have not been lending money to builders to make speculative builds and there is no indication yet that this situation will change in the near future. If the situation does change it will take at least 18 months for newly built properties to be ready, and due to the reduced number of available builders, the number of new properties coming onto the market is unlikely to be large enough to have a significant effect on property prices as a whole. It is more likely that these new properties will be priced in keeping with whatever the current value of the market is at that time.”

Nigel: “Could I not just wait and buy a repossessed property from a builder that has gone out of business?”

Craig: “Yes you could. However, repossessions do not operate the same way here as they do in other markets such as the UK. Some things in Portugal move rather slowly and can be rather complicated. Therefore, depending on the circumstances, a property that is repossessed today could take as much as 2 years or more before it is put back on the market by the repossessing body. During that time the building will have been unoccupied and, depending on what stage the construction was at when it was repossessed, it may well have had the interior exposed to the elements. Therefore there may be additional hidden costs involved in getting the property back up to scratch and the price at which it is offered to the market may not be any lower than the current market value. So it is therefore better to buy it now, at a reduced price if possible, rather than wait for an undetermined period of time to buy the property, with little reduction in price, that has now deteriorated and needs additional work.

Therefore, whilst the Residential Property Market is being affected by current circumstances, it is not an unstable market. I believe as soon as the current situations are resolved, the market will very quickly revert to its natural point of equilibrium. I also believe we are unlikely to see the widespread peaks and troughs in Residential Property prices, which have been witnessed in the past in other markets such as the UK or Spain, as a result of bursting property bubbles.”

We have access to a larger than normal amount of quality properties in all price ranges and many great locations, if people are buying for all the right reasons and in the right areas they will find a great house with us in Portugal.

Craig Anderson is in charge of the Silver Coast Operations for Girasol Homes Limited.

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Wednesday 9th March 2011

Spanish property Searches up by 37.5%

Some 37.5 per cent more searches for property in Spain took place in January compared to the previous year, it has been reported.

According to real estate portal, interest in the Balearics and Canary Islands could be replacing main land Spain for property purchases in the coming year.

Reports suggest that there are over a million unsold properties in Spain currently.

Indeed, overseas buyer interest in the Balearics and Canary Islands became even more pronounced in January, with one third of all enquiries into Spanish properties for those islands.

“It’s interesting to see how Spain despite the bad press is still very attractive to overseas buyers,” a spokesperson for the site said.

Girasol Homes’ searches have already increased by over 25% in 2011

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Friday 10th December 2010

Atlanta Investment Homes

PDF Atlanta brochure

PDF Atlanta brochure

Priced from $49,000 with over 10% ROI Net

Brief Facts on the Atlanta Market for Turn Key Investment Properties

Atlanta is one of the fastest growing, stable metropolitan centers in America…

Forbes Magazine ranked Atlanta as the #1 rental market says Atlanta is the 4th best city in America to invest in
Forbes Magazine ranks Atlanta as the 4th most affordable U.S. market
U.S. Economic Rankings

3rd in job growth
3rd for most Fortune500 companies’ headquarters
Home to the world’s busiest airport: Jackson/Hartsfield International
2nd as America’s best cities to relocate
1st in U.S. as least costly large city for business

Visit our new USA IP section on this website

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Wednesday 1st December 2010

Property Sales in Spain Rise

The volume of Spanish property sold increased by 13% year-on-year in the third quarter of this year according to figures out this week from The Spain Property Registry.

The statistics show that residential property transactions were up by 13% on July to September 2009 to a total volume of 124,593 properties sold, with new builds increasing by 9% and re-sales by 17%.

The Instituto Nacional de Estadística (the Spanish National Statistics Institute) also revealed this week that the average value of mortgages constituted in September increases 4.2%.

“During the month of September, the average amount per mortgage constituted stood at 135,132 euros,” says INE, “a rise of 4.2% on that recorded in the same month last year, and 8.7% more than that registered in August 2010.”

The average mortgage loan value was €119,527 … 2.1% more than September 2009.

According to Mark Stucklin of Spanish Property Insight “on a rolling 12-month basis, there were 454,283 sales over 12 months to the end of Q3, up an annualised 4% and a quarterly 3%. Even if a percentage of these sales were banks swapping debt for property, I think the market has found its floor at around 400,000 transactions per year."

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Friday 25th June 2010

Girasol Homes to exhibit at the EPEX Show at Earls Court

( June 25, 2010 — Girasol Homes will be showcasing the best properties in the luxury market at the annual EPEX show at Earls Court, London on the weekend of the 10 and 11 of July. Visit

EPEX is a unique exhibition for companies with a focus on truly luxury property providing them with a platform to market and sell properties to wealthy private buyers as well as institutional & professional investors.

Now in its fourth year since inception, EPEX showcases the finest properties from developers and agents from around the world. To our visitors, who are the most discerning of property investors, EPEX presents a fabulous opportunity to view the most comprehensive selection of the world’s luxury properties under one roof.

For further information, on visiting EPEX 2010 please contact Girasol Homes

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Friday 18th June 2010

Looking to sell your overseas property?


Girasol Homes now offers to provide an extra service to clients that want to sell their property in the quickest time possible. Having a good number of properties which sold in 2010 we are eager to repeat the success formula for new clients on the selling side.

When you decide that the time is right to sell your property there are many considerations you have to bear in mind.

Firstly, is the time right? Your property will not sell in a market where you are surrounded by other similar properties at a lower price. You would have to compromise on price.

Secondly, has your property got that wow factor?

Thirdly, do you have the edge over the competition so that you get a regular supply of clients coming through the door, after all if they don’t come through the door how can they buy from you?

Finally how are you going to promote it? That is where our new service can help you a lot. Don’t just throw yourself into the void of the housing market without having our advice and expertise on your side. We can get you the best deals from a constantly updating database of clients who are looking for properties just like yours.

However bear one thing in mind; we will not just take on any old property. You will need to be keenly priced and have that little something extra, be it views, location, design, or whatever, in order to get onto our exclusive listings.

You will also need to accept our exclusivity contract which rewards us for the extreme advertising your property will receive through the major portals such as Kyero (for Spain), Prime Location, Right Move Overseas, ThinkSpain (for Spain), Spanish Living (for Spain), Daily Mail & Mail on Sunday and many more. The individual cost of these portals can run into the hundreds of Euros for advertising. We do it for you for free.

How many agents do you need? This is in addition to a highly sophisticated agency intranet brokerage that Girasol Homes offers where dozens of property agents also receive the details of your property to promote to their clients. This accounts for half of all of our sales.

What does the service cost? Well we charge a flat 5% fee on success. You will also need to be available and open for visits. There is no point advertising if people cannot get access to your property when required. Obviously you want the greatest possible exposure for your property. Your property will be shown on the Property Portals listed on the opening page and on many more too. We are constantly adding outlets to our advertising mix.

Obviously you want the greatest possible exposure for your property. Your property will be shown on the Property Portals listed on the opening page and on many more too. We are constantly adding outlets to our advertising mix.

Our Offer
1. Promotion through the property portals as above.
2. PDF Ads for your property distributed to enquirers
3. Preferential listings on our own websites in rotation
4. Guaranteed first page visibility and featured listings on many of the websites we host and run
5. Distribution to our Multi Listing Agent Network. We have a network of dozens of agents all around Spain, the UK and the rest of Europe who will receive your listing
6. Regular mail outs to our lists of buyers and the lists of buyers via Girasol’s agent networks.
7. Regular market updates and price comparisons with other similar properties.
8. Marketing MOT Review – what could be better, pictures, presentation etc.
9. (Optional) Your own highly targeted website to make your listing stand out even more from the crowd. At extra cost reimbursed if sale successful.
10. Promotion through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more to get your message out there to the greatest audience
12. For an additional fee we can get your property a Premium display on RightMove Overseas. Contact us for more details.

Why? As previously stated the more looking at your property the greater the chance of your property being sold. By using the huge leverage of the internet property portals and the advertising opportunities that we can offer you, your property is more likely to find the ideal client that will buy it. And that ideal client is much more likely to pay a fair price for your property than an untargeted client.

Our Guarantee

Nobody will work harder to promote your property making sure that it has the greatest chance of selling. Remember we do not accept all properties onto our exclusive list. They must be special and/or competitive. If your property matches our demanding criteria then we will give it all the support and promotion necessary to bring the sale to a successful conclusion.


Good Pictures -at least 6 high resolution pictures

Signed marketing agreement

Copy text for property/ Floor plans if available

Video if available – call/email us for delivery method

Access arrangements for the property(s)

In 2 weeks we will have our automated system up and running we will look to process new sellers this way for speed, service and efficiency.

Contact us here contact Girasol

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Wednesday 14th April 2010

100% finance apartments with sea views in Almeria

We have 4 new 2 bedroom 2 bathroom penthouse Sea View + Solarium brand new key ready apartments on small village resort with 100% mortgages available for fast buyers, served on a strictly first come first served basis – when first released these were from 158- 170000 euros, an amazing opportunity contact us.

now 98,000 Euros
Penthouse Apartments

  • Sea and Mountain Views
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Roof solarium
  • 100% Mortgages Available Subject to Status
  • Just 4 left
  • First Come First Served
  • Superb Views
  • 2 parking spaces and storerooms
  • 2 km from beach

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Saturday 20th February 2010

Luxury Penthouse Apartments Half Price in Murcia

Superb price, superb location with golf course and sea views these brand new apartments are at an amazing price with 100% mortgages available subject status. When first released they were 171-194,000 euros. NOW 95000!

With only a few remaining we urge you to act fast details can be found here Click here

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Friday 5th February 2010

New Northern Costa Blanca Properties

Girasol have now got live on the website some of the best value properties across the Northern Costa Blanca and with the upturn in the market are urging clients who have been waiting for the right moment to start looking seriously now. Many of these properties are in very sought after locations such as Monte Pego and Els Poblets (right by the sea) and are priced from a superb 170000 euros.

We urge your fullest attention to benefit from these amazing bargains.


We have many beautiful villas in the stunning and much sought after town of Els Poblets here

Similarly we have a number of fantastic villas for sale in Denia and Pedreguer.

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Sunday 17th January 2010

La Marina Villas drastically discounted for fast sales

3 bedroom 2 bathroom detached villas in popular La Marina location (close to San Fulgencio) now available from 159840 Euros, these are amazing value and are extremely sought after.

go to the link here to discover the full details Click here

We have the keys and there are only a few left so get in touch today!


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Wednesday 6th January 2010

Girasol now offers a new listing service for private clients


Girasol Homes now offers to provide an extra service to clients that want to sell their property in the quickest time possible. Having finished 2009 on a high note for completed sales and with a good number of properties which will be sold in January 2010 we are eager to repeat the success formula for new clients on the selling side.

If you are interested in receiving our proposal please contact us at Click here

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Wednesday 6th January 2010

Girasol Homes Requires New Partners in 2010

Following on from a very successful 2009 Girasol Homes would like to expand its partners network in 2010. With some proprietary technology which we give our partners free of charge you will have access to a superb range of property for sale across Spain, Portugal, Turkey, USA, Italy, Egypt and Cyprus.

Click here to get in touch with us and get a demonstration.

We have a great model that helps you maximise your clients overseas requirements and offers you over 8000 live properties with your own branding, we have built our model on a resale, distressed sale, owners resales and top quality product offering.

For dedicated Overseas agents we offer a paid for model with auto matching and mailing of new properties to clients the moment they become available.

We offer special services for agents and clients which include:

Spanish Title Insurance
NIE number service
Design and Build Villas in both Spain and Portugal
Specialised Marketing
Fine and Country Branding
Pension Transfer Services
Currency Exchange
And much more

We are actively seeking agencies across the UK and Ireland, and Scandanavia, Benelux countries, Germany and worldwide.

So if you would like to follow a formula that works contact us

Click here

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Wednesday 30th December 2009

Girasol Homes Public Picasa Photo Gallery

Here are just a few of our many photo albums for properties, places, locations and much more please go to our Picasa Page at PICASA to discover more

Here is one of our latest Christmas pictures from the Murcia Region of Spain

Much more at PICASA

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Monday 7th December 2009

Girasol Homes in Sunday Times

We have been featured in the Sunday Times this week (7th December) alongside the Zara Philllips article where Girasol Homes are featuring a large house in the Lourinha area linktext. We are delighted with the traditional and also very modern style properties that represent such good value in the area, an example of the modern villas we sell is found here

Please search under our Portugal sections for more information.

Here is a link to the article from the Sunday Times linktext

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Sunday 11th October 2009

New Website

New site

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Monday 4th June 2007

Girasol Homes to design and build enviromentally friendly properties in Southern Spain and Portugal

Girasol Homes are delighted to be working with many novel and innovative design and construction companies for their custom buildings for clients in Portugal and Spain.

Having recognised the need for choice in building styles as well as the trend in the market to offer highly responsible environmental choices and an intriguing and satisfying lifestyle choice.

Contact Girasol at

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