Friday 24th June 2016

Post Eu Referendum Vote-Our take from Girasol Homes

Hi everyone, a quick note on the immediate reaction to the UK vote on the EU and I confess it was a surprise to many who assumed we would stay in the EU when the United Kingdom voted out. People are naturally asking us at Girasol Homes our position and opinion.
Keep calm and carry on 
Its been a busy day here with many people wanting to know what will happen next and both sides are either ecstatic (out) or down (remain). From our point of view we have had a very busy week with sales to clients from all nationalities, English, Dutch, Finnish, Scottish, British, Belgian and German and these were all "outcome unconcerned" clients. Sales are still happening today and expected to next week as well.
With the pound steady at around 1.24- 1.25 most things are continuing as usual but we expect this weekend to be a slightly quieter one. I think it is important not to over react to what has just happened, people are moving to Spain and Portugal for all sorts of reasons, investment, retirement, second homes, leisure and for business and these Iberian economies are recovering (and have been for a while).
Our currency partners said (Daniel Wright at
Following the decision for the U.K to leave the EU - Sterling exchange rates saw an immediate drop followed by a slow recovery throughout the trading day. The fact that the Pound has not dropped off by quite a lot more is surprising and should be seen as a positive for those looking to buy property overseas this year. Pressure may now start to mount on the Euro as other economies may seek to leave the EU and I would not be surprised to see Sterling come back up against the Euro in the coming weeks. Of course it is hard to know exactly what may happen next but we need to remember that at present nothing has changed and we will not officially be out of the EU for a long period of time.

Mortgages at great rates are still freely available to Uk and Non EU citizens and for us its business as normal, let us know when you are coming to view!

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Friday 22nd April 2016

Prices of properties are going up in Spain

Prices of properties are going up in Spain with sales also increasing, thanks to interest at home and overseas.

The price of homes increased by 0.6% in February, year on year, with average values at €1,233 per square metre, according to government statistics. Family homes enjoyed the greatest growth at 3.8%, year on year, with the average price standing at €1,007 per square metres, second-hand apartments are up 0.6% to €1,350 per square metres and new apartments rose by 0.3% to €1,619m2. Sales are soaring with 22.9% more properties changing hands compared to last year.


Interestingly much of the growth is coming from Spanish buyers which are up by 86%, year on year, although international buyers are dominating high-end sales. Sale prices can still be much lower than the asking price, although that gap is narrowing, figures show.

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Saturday 9th April 2016

Overseas buyers fuelling rise in Spanish property enquiries

Overseas buyers fuelling rise in Spanish property enquiries

The property market is enjoying a strong start to 2016 with 25% more enquiries from overseas buyers than this time last year reports Nigel Salmon from Girasol Homes.

International buyers made more than 100,000 enquiries in the first three months of the year, according to figures by Spanish property portal Kyero.

Demand has been strong in the Canary Islands while the Alicante region continues to be crowned the favourite spot for property buyers, generating more than 33,000 enquiries!

All the coastal regions of mainland Spain have reported increased interest with sales enquiries up 50.7% in Tenerife, 49.3% in Lanzarote, 38.1% in Tarragona, 35.8% in Mallorca and 34.6% in Alicante.

Most overseas interest is from British investors by far, with more than 62,000 property queries from January to March - a 30% rise on the same time last year.

More Germans, Dutch, Italians and Swedish are also looking to invest in Spain while interest from France has fallen by about 9%.

It seems the upcoming EU referendum has failed to dampen British interest in Spain, despite some uncertainty of what will happen to expats or second home owners if a Brexit is on the cards.

Property sales also rose last year with government figures for 2015 revealing more than 400,000 house sales for the year, up 10% of the previous year.

Again, international buyers played a significant part in the surge by generating more than 71,000 sales.

Spain is also showing other signs of economic recovery with a slight increase in domestic mortgage approvals and a drop in unemployment sparking a steady return in demand from Spanish buyers too.
It's looking good to invest into Spain.

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Thursday 7th April 2016

Buying a place in the sun remains an attractive investment

Buying a place in the sun remains an attractive investment as stamp duty rises in the United Kingdom

Investing in a property abroad has always been a dream for many people.
Whether they are looking for a second home in the sun or a buy-to-let investment, favourite destinations such as Spain, and Portugal have long been a hot prospect.

Now buying abroad is becoming even more attractive.

From April 1, second homes or buy-to-lets in the UK will be subject to a 3% increase in stamp duty which will add thousands of pounds to the cost of the property. The chancellor decided to penalise second-home owners and landlords in a bid to ease the housing crisis and encourage more first-time buyers to get a foot on the property ladder.

Taxes on buying a property abroad will not change, however. Property hotspots in Portugal and Spain also tend to be much more affordable than in the UK too. Indeed, homes in some of these areas are considered to be under-valued so it is possible to invest in great locations at attractive prices.

Organisation for Economic Development research shows the cheapest property is in southern and eastern Europe, including Portugal, Spain and Italy.

These are among the most undervalued housing markets globally. The OECD analysis compares local prices with typical wages and then sets this against the long-term averages.

Taking 100 as the average reading, a score of 110 means local property is 10% over-valued against the long-term average. The table shows the United Kingdom’s property is 7% over-valued, which is partly due to the housing shortage.

Spain is undervalued by 26% and Portugal by 5% so these are attractive areas to look at investments. 

Spain enjoyed a property boom until about 10 years ago when the bubble burst. This led to a glut of properties on the market with prices dropping considerably.
In some parts of the Costa Blanca in Spain and the Algarve in Portugal prices were 50% below what they could sell for at the height of the boom.

Even now, prices are only rising slowly and only went up an average of 1.2% last year so Spain continues to have many properties on the market for less than they fetched 10 or 15 years ago.


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Thursday 25th June 2015

Greece in financial crisis so how did the other PIGS survive?

The Greek tragedy continues to be played out daily with the country staring financial ruin in the face. The country has needed yet another bailout from Europe and must make drastic economic reforms or face dire consequences.

Although it is still in a very precarious situation, Greece seems to be hanging on with a lot of guidance from the EU.

Three years ago, Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain, known as the PIGS, were all in financial strife. All, except Greece, complied with austerity measures and pulled through.

Portugal and Ireland are showing signs of recovery with Ireland turning its economy around with great success. Ireland exited its bailout measures in 2013 and is now enjoying rapid economic growth. Portugal's economy is also starting to grow again and it is repaying its bailout.

The situation in Spain is also improving but with voters protesting against the austerity measures by turning their backs on the ruling PP Party in May’s local elections and a general election coming up later this year, the question has been, can Spain pull its financial situation around?

It has been a long, hard struggle for Spain with many businesses collapsing, the property bubble being burst and millions of people losing their jobs. Many even lost their homes.

Things are getting much better in Spain

Now there are many green shoots of recovery to hint at positive signs that things are improving in Spain. Tourism figures are up for a start. In the first two months of the year, Spain broke two tourism records. The country had 6.5 million international tourists in January and February, who spent more than €6.6 billion.

Everything points to this trend continuing with the strong pound attracting British holidaymakers while French and German tourists find their euro goes a lot further in Spain than back at home.

Tourism brings thousands of seasonal jobs in the hotels, restaurants and leisure industry. Very welcome news indeed. 

However for young people, job prospects in Spain are not looking so bright. Nearly half of all young adults in Spain do not have work. Many have moved abroad to work with Germany and Britain being favourite places to go, especially for qualified people. The property market has recovered however in many cases.

Weak euro boosts property market

The weak euro has helped exports and significantly the property market. Spain’s property market is picking up, thanks to low prices as well as the strong sterling. Many property seekers are from overseas with northern Europeans, especially the British, looking for homes in the popular coastal resorts of the Costa Blanca, Murcia and Costa del Sol.

An article in Bloomberg says Britons are the biggest investors as they feel Spain is a good place to put their money because they are getting poor rates from UK savings accounts and property prices are so high back home. This aligned to the Pension drawdown opportunity points to the stronger Property Market.

The article says that interest in some coastal resorts, like Marbella, is such that new homes are being built. Realistically the Costa Blanca is the area where most new builders are building their developments and where the majority of sales are happening.

Investment in Spanish property soared to €17.8 billion in 2014 compared to €4.9 billion in 2013, according to data from the Research Institute of Applied Economics (IRWA).

Nigel Salmon of Girasol Homes has also noticed a marked increase in interest from property buyers. "We are getting many more enquiries than this time last year and arranging many more viewings. As well as interest in the second-hand market, more new construction enquiries, interestingly we have a lot of buyers looking to buy plots so they can design and build their own home,” he said. There are a number of bespoke showhomes in the area which clients can now view, its is a very exciting property

That optimism of a recovery is being echoed in other sectors too.

"Spain has returned to about 95% of where it was in 2008,” says Professor Javier Diaz-Giménez of the IESE business school in Madrid. "That means 2008 is still a benchmark people look back at with nostalgia. At current growth rates, the economy will get back to where it was in 2008 at the end of next year. It’s a very late recovery.”

So, hopefully, it seems as though recovery is just around the corner.

If you are thinking of investing in the Spanish Property Market you need to talk to Girasol Homes Spain as soon as possible.

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Friday 6th February 2015

Recent Market Data February 2015

As you probably know the Euro has been weakened significantly recently which provides an excellent opportunity for foreign buyers to save thousands on a European property purchase. In the last year the British Pound has seen a 10% increase in strength against the Euro – British buyers are now in a favourable situation where they see a seven-year high in exchange rates coupled with the lowest house prices in Spain in ten years. (Figures 1 & 2)

Figure 1 – Property price (€/m²) Source: Ministry of Housing Spain


Figure 2 - EUR/GBP 7 year profile. Source:

This correlates nicely with economic confidence also at a seven-year high, particularly in areas such as retail, consumer confidence and industry. Some good comparisons on last year to note would be:

·14.2% more mortgages approved in November 2014 compared to the same period the year before

·5.1% more new build permit applications submitted in 2014 than 2013

·2013 saw a record breaking number of tourists come to Spain and 2014 also broke records with a 6.5% increase on the previous year. These 65 million tourists spent approximately 63.1 billion €.

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Thursday 4th December 2014

Underground homes featured in the Telegraph

The Telegraph recently featured underground homes in its property section including cave houses found on our website from rural Granada. You can read the full article here.


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Friday 4th July 2014

Matthew Parris Buys Cave House in Granada

The Time's Matthew Parris has recently bought a Cave House in Granada 

Matthew Parris buys Cave House in Granada

 For the largest selection of Cave Homes click here

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Monday 20th January 2014

British head to Alicante and Murcia

British flocking to Alicante and Murcia

Alicante-Elche airport recorded the largest rise in passenger numbers during 2013 of any of Spain’s A list airports – up 8.8% on 2012

For the year ending December 2013 the airport registered figures of 9,638,860 just short of the record set in 2011 of 9.9m

The increase in numbers has largely been attributed to a 20% increase in international flights while domestic flight numbers dropped by 10%

Low cost airlines Ryanair and Easyjet accounted for 41% of all flights while British travellers made up 45% of passengers

In Valencia the airport at Manises recorded 4,599,990 passengers in 2013. This was 3.2% down on 2012 but numbers for November and December were both up on the previous year.

It was a similar story in Murcia and San Javier where overall passenger numbers fell by 3.5 % - however the figure for December was up an extraordinary 31.5% on the previous year,  this followed an equally impressive 14.3 % rise in November.  Over  28,000 of the people arriving in Murcia in December were British.

This is an edited article from a report in the Costa News – Jan 17th 2014

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Thursday 24th October 2013

Spain is the No 1 Property Hot spot for British and Swedish Buyers


Property Hot Spot

Britain’s love affair with Buying a Property in Spain shows no signs of dropping off.  Sunny Spain still holds the No 1 spot for British people looking for property for sale overseas.

Other Europeans are also clamouring to buy Spanish property with the country also coming out on top with Swedish buyers.  

British buyers put Spain first, according to Google Analytics figures, with France in second place followed by the USA and Portugal. Spanish buyers also look for property in their home country first but, more surprisingly, Thailand and the USA come second and third respectively. The good currency exchange rate and Spanish climate has led to the Swedish market becoming more important with Swedes also putting Spain at the top of their overseas property wish list.

French property buyers look in their home country first while Spain takes second place.

Spanish property for sale is also finding favour with buyers from further afield. Spain is in second place with both Americans and Canadians looking for overseas properties. Other emerging markets are in China and Russia as the Spanish are actively encouraging holidaymakers and investors from these two important markets. Spain is third choice for both Russian and Chinese property buyers.

Most property seekers are heading for retirement or retired, figures also show. In 2013, 39% of buyers were aged 55 to 64 while 24% were 65 or over. One-quarter of buyers were aged between 45 and 54. This trend is expected to continue into 2014.

The UK market is still a very important sector with 70% of people searching for overseas property on Rightmove Overseas being from the United Kingdom.  On this website, the No 1 overseas destination is France followed by Spain and the USA. Most property buyers are looking for a dream holiday home in the sun but emigration is also a key factor. Rightmove figures show that 51% of people buy an overseas property to use as a second home or holiday home while 36% are planning to make a permanent move or emigrate and just 13% buy as an investment.

Nigel Salmon, managing director of the professional property finding company Girasol Homes, said: "We have had a very busy few months showing clients around properties for sale in Spain from traditional villas to chic, modern, newly-designed homes. Spain continues to attract property buyers for a number of reasons – the sunny weather, stunning coastline and beaches, culture, cuisine, golf courses and sports facilities being just a few of them. The tempting property prices are a contributing factor too. Sales are up 25% on a year ago.

"While the British are still the No 1 clients, people from further afield are also falling in love with this fabulous country. We are also finding that newly-built, well-designed properties built with quality materials and stylish interiors are creating a lot of interest.”

Girasol Homes is a specialist property-finding company specializing in Property for sale in Spain, Portugal and the United States. It was founded by Nigel Salmon about seven years who has built up a team of local experts to help people find property for sale at the right price and the ideal location for them.  The company has thousands of properties for sale for people looking for second homes, to relocate or as an investment.

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Wednesday 17th July 2013

UK still rules the waves in Spanish property sales

Sunny Spain is still a property hot spot for UK homebuyers. 

The United Kingdom is way out in front of a league table of property sales in Spain. Recently-released figures show 11,316 Spanish homes were bought by UK residents in 2012. France comes second with 6,778 sales while Russia is a close third by buying 6,555 properties.

Spain is also proving popular with Norwegian buyers with 4,390 sales. The sunny weather and the strong Norwegian krone against the euro are two major attractions for buying property in Spain. Their Swedish neighbours are also keen to invest in Spain and bought 3,236 homes to put them in fifth place.

As well as European residents, Spain is also proving popular in South and Central American countries with 846 homes sold to Argentineans. China is another surprising contender with 3,873 houses bought by Chinese residents.

Although the UK leads the way in sales, they are much further down the league when it comes to how much they pay for their villa or apartment. The average price of Spanish real estate sold to UK residents is €164,654. 

Only 903 sales were made to Danish people but they are buying more expensive homes with an average price of €210,377, which puts them at the top of the league. Fellow Scandinavians in Norway are also prepared to invest more in their Spanish houses with their average price being €200,678. 

Third in the league for the highest average price is the Netherlands at €199,095.

At the other end of the scale, there are people are looking for more modest properties with an average price of less than half those at the top of the league. The biggest bargain hunters come from Morocco where the average price spent on a Spanish property is €86,711. Romanians are also on the look-out for cheap homes and pay an average price of €100,214 with Colombians coming in next with an average price of €108,202.

Many investors are buying real estate at much lower prices than a few years ago, even in the popular areas around Alicante, Murcia, Malaga and the Balearic Islands. Spain enjoyed a property boom until about 2008 when sales fell and prices dropped. Prices have fallen by about one-third since 2007 in some regions, according to a Wall Street Journal report. There are also many repossessed apartments, villas and chalets for sale through the banks at knockdown prices.

Nigel Salmon, managing director of Girasol Homes, said: 

"There are some surprising figures in the table showing who is buying in Spain. It is interesting to see investment coming from the strong Scandinavian countries as well as further afield, like China.

"We are also very pleased to see that the UK is still No 1 when it comes to buying property in Spain and that their love affair with the home of flamenco, fiestas and fine cuisine continues.”

Property for sale in Spain

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Wednesday 20th March 2013

Spring brings record Enquiries for Girasol Homes in Spain

From Nigel Salmon, MD Girasol Homes. : "The first three weeks have seen a record number of enquiries on properties in Spain on our website.  In particular modern style and new builds are experiencing a surge in interest"  

Sunset over MediterraneanAt Girasol Homes we have expanded our team in Spain with the addition of specialists in the Alicante and Murcia regions..more news to follow.

The most popular areas over the last few weeks have been the towns of Guardamar del Segura, La Marina Torrevieja and Torre de la Horadada. Follow the links to see some of the fantastic properties for sale in these towns.

The website is undergoing some essential maintenance and we are developing a new, simple to use, registration form.  This is due for release in early April but in the meantime please help us to help you by informing us or your specific property requirements before you travel. 

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Monday 2nd April 2012

Girasol Homes pulls out of Cyprus Market

The professional property finders Girasol Homes have decided to withdraw from Property Sales in Cyprus, poor local economic conditions and the difficult property market and partnerships have made the decision straightforward.

High levels of property sales in Spain and in other markets have reinforced the decision to concentrate on markets which are continuing to bounce back and with the majority of clients looking to buy in Spain, USA and Portugal it makes economic sense for the company to service it’s core markets.

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Saturday 10th March 2012

€530 Billion Euros Set To Boost The Eurozone Property Market

€530 Billion Euros Set To Boost The Eurozone Property Market And US Recovery Sign

This week 800 Euro zone banks tried to replicate Americas success in raising consumer confidence and brought €530 billion in the largest ECB liquidity operation of its kind.

To be clear this is not a Greek style bailout. This is a growth stimulus, which in theory should boost the property market as banks start lending again.

America initiated a similar scheme last year and since the start of 2012 America has:

Reduced unemployment by 250,000 people.
Consumer Borrowing is near a 10 year high.
The DOW Jones has breached the 13,000 mark for first time since 2008.
US property prices have risen by 4.3%.
US GDP has increased by 3%
New build property is up 9.9% when compared to the same period in 2011

These figures are in complete contrast to the storm of negative media in the UK and Europe which has sapped consumer confidence to the extent that potential buyers are tuning off and walking away from fantastic buying opportunities. Fortunately a lot of professional investors feel the recent surge in positive US data coupled with the boom in US property prices and the 5% drop in Gold is proof that the USA has “turned a corner”.

As the saying goes “when America sneezes the world catches a cold”.

We have personally noticed a change in client activity and the mind-set of the majority of international agents we work with. With the exception of international agents with strong exposure to American and Australian clients, most agents are experiencing a slow start to the year in terms of sales but are receiving an unprecedented level of enquiries. This is a key indication that huge numbers of cautious buyers are sitting on the fence or waiting for a chance to buy, most buyers normally fit into 2 groups.

The first group are cash buyers that sit on their hands and wait for the “dust to settle” that almost always have 1 of three common reasons not to buy today.

First Group

They think the Eurozone will collapse and they feel more comfortable leaving their money in a bank. In reality the collapse of the Eurozone would cause Financial Armageddon and the first thing to go in the UK would be the finance sector which would cause the banking system to fail. Think Northern Rock times 100. If you’re one of the many who feels this is a possibility ask yourself, would I rather leave my money in a bank which is not generating me any interest and wait for the banking system to collapse or should I buy a hugely reduced, tangible asset?

The majority of cash buyers waiting for the “right time” feel property prices will continue to fall whilst the Eurozone problem continue to dominate the media. On Wednesdays Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank (ECB) said that a “a major, major credit crunch” had been averted in Europe. This has and will continue to inspire confidence in the future of Europe, especially once the record breaking investment becomes available in the shape of loans and mortgages.

Furthermore if you are waiting for prices to fall in the areas most heavily affected by the economic downturn like Spain you have to ask yourself how much further can prices go? Can sellers reduce their property price even further? The answer is no as a lot of sellers have started taking their property’s off the market in response to buyers bullishly trying to negotiate on hugely reduced properties?

The governments cannot allow this to happen and have stepped in with the €530 billion to turn things around.

The third reason normally relates to seasoned investors whose appetite for risk goes up when the average person loses all confidence in the markets (these are the people that make the most money when the average person thinks everyone is losing money, the same people that brought oil and gold during the banking collapse. At a time when the media last told you the world was going to end these investors doubled and tripled their investment in the safest sectors in the world). They have seen exchange rates move by as much as 12% in their favour as property prices have decreased.

Since the banking grant was released on Wednesday our currency broker has experienced a surge in clients buying their currency on a forward contract. It’s been noticed that the clients buying are mostly seasoned investors who feel we are looking the bottom of the market.

Second Group

The second group represent the majority of potential buyers that need a mortgage in order to buy. The €530 billion will take some time to circulate through the banking system in order for the average person to receive a mortgage. When mortgages do become available what do you think will happen? Do you think buyers will turn down the opportunity to buy half prices villa in the sun? I don’t think so.

If you are a cash buyer you wont get a better opportunity to buy than the one today! Professional investors and representative’s for companies from Scandinavia, Russia, China and America are already buying. Let us know how we can help.

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Thursday 23rd February 2012

Girasol Homes Looks to expand its partners network in 2012

Following on from a very successful 2011 Girasol Homes would like to expand its partners network in 2012 across New Regions of Spain.

Looking to be the leading Spanish Property Finding company in 2012 we are looking for leading specialists in certain, well regarded and priced areas of Spain.

We have a tried and trusted and very successful system that works for our partner agencies across 22 locations in Spain and Portugal.

Now in our 6th year of operating we expect to have another tremendous year of sales and effective collaborations.

Girasol Homes are full AIPP Members.

Please contact us at for a confidential discussion.

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Wednesday 8th February 2012

Another Satisfied Customer buys through Girasol Homes

We have recently purchased an apartment in Spain which was advertised by Girasol Homes, Sven was the representative who we liaised with and who supported us throughout this process. This included arranging collection to and from the airport and solicitor etc and in providing suitable affordable accommodation for us to stay in during the viewing and purchasing process.

We would like to express our gratitude for his professional and supportive approach .we never felt pressurized when viewing the properties and Sven ensured that all the properties we viewed matched our requirements in terms of affordability location and other personal preferences.

We were both anxious about purchasing a property abroad safely as we had never done this before and we were very unsure of the process.

Sven was exceptionally helpful as he guided us throughout the process and he linked us to an excellent solicitor who was also extremely professional and very helpful ensuring the sale progressed, meeting the legal requirements within the allotted time frame.

After purchasing our apartment again Sven was invaluable in assisting us in buying white goods and furniture which we would not have been able to do as smoothly without his assistance and ongoing support.

We have absolutely no reservations at all in recommending your company and Sven’s services which have been exceptional being honest, unpressurised totally trustworthy and professional throughout.

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Tuesday 13th December 2011

Another Satisfied Client buys in Alicante Region

Dear Nigel

I would like to say thank you for finding me my home in Spain. Harvey Savage worked endlessly to find me just what I wanted he was so patient and nothing was too much trouble for him, he helped me every step of the way and I will always be grateful to him.

I would recommend Girasol Homes to anyone and Harvey is a great asset to your team out in Alicante

Thank you once Again

Kind Regards

Keith Stoner

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Wednesday 5th October 2011

Kind Words from Satisfied Clients

Dear Nigel, I want to write a thank you note, we have bought an apartment in Entre Naranjos.

We have done this in response to an advertisement from you, directed by Sven, who knew of our desires and he has been searching for us. We therefore very much like to add our compliments on your site, especially to Sven.

He found and supported the decisive factor for our purchase, our thanks. It is the house of our dreams and we love it in Entre Naranjos,

Very briefly, our sincere compliments, and especially to Sven but also to the whole Girasol Homes who made this possible.

We would like to say to anyone who wants to buy a house in Spain go to Girasol Homes, you do not get disappointed.

Yours sincerely, Mr and Mrs Bos (Nehtherlands)

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Friday 26th August 2011

Spanish Property Store Goes Live

One of the many new websites under construction at Girasol Homes is now live, specialising in Spanish Property Sales the new site at Spanish Property Store is already receiving traffic and new visitors.

Developed by Graham Hunt and Nigel Salmon this family of sites is intended to demonstrate to the Spanish Property Buyer the One Stop Shop Element of buying a Spanish Property through Girasol Homes.

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Friday 19th August 2011

Spanish Property Prices Now at Realistic levels

In contrast to the UK, where vendors are still in a state of denial, owners in Spain have finally began dropping their asking prices, according to new data from

In total, 31% of vendors have dropped their prices with a disproportionate number coming from the cheaper end of the market.

According to Idealista, 134,107 sellers lowered their prices which is 69% more than last year and the sharpest change ever recorded by the portal.

The regions with the biggest number of falls were in Madrid (10.2pc), Zaragoza (9.7pc) and Barcelona (8.8pc).

Girasol has found that the most activity is happening in the Alicante and Murcia Regions.

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Friday 19th August 2011

New Site to launch for Spanish Repossessions

By September Girasol Homes will have a whole host of Specialist sites that will form part of the Girasol Homes family. One of these is the Specialist Spanish Repossessions website spanish repossessions.

This site will focus on how to buy a Spanish Repossession Property and list some of the benefits of doing so. This could include a Low Deposit Property with a high percentage mortgage which would save thousands of Euros on a large deposit plus mortgage type property. More will follow on this site.

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Friday 19th August 2011

Spanish Property Tax is reduced to encourage sales

From the Wall Street Journal

MADRID—Spain will temporarily lower the rate of value-added tax levied on purchases of newly built housing as it looks to boost its moribund property market, part of a slew of new policies to help the economy and cut the government’s budget deficit.

At a press conference following an extraordinary cabinet meeting, Finance Minister Elena Salgado spelled out several measures, announced in recent days, to bring forward corporate-tax payments and reduce drug-procurement costs in the country’s state-run health service.

She also said the reduction in VAT on house buys—to 4% from 8%—will only be applied until the end of this year, and seeks to cut the large number of properties built in recent years that remain unsold. As Spanish property prices have tumbled since 2008, the number of transactions and employment in the sector have dropped significantly.

“This measure will help to generate economic activity,” Ms. Salgado said, adding that it should have a positive effect on government revenue, which she didn’t specify, through a significant increase in taxed transactions.

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Wednesday 29th June 2011

Air Traffic Rises across Spain in May 2011

From Moodies Report

SPAIN. Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea (AENA), the country’s airport and air traffic control authority, posted a +6.4% year-on-year increase in passenger traffic in May to 17,883,637.

Madrid-Barajas Airport experienced a -1.7% decline to 4,213,488 but Barcelona El Prat Airport posted a +22.3% surge to 3,072,750.

All top ten airports, other than Madrid, posted year-on-year growth. Pallama de Mallorca was up +6.8%, Malaga +9.8% and Alicante +7.3%. Tenerife Sur was the fastest riser, up +22.1%.

For the first five months, passenger numbers across the AENA network rose by +8.5% to 75,001, 913.

Madrid-Barajas Airport experienced a +1.3% gain to 19,516,202, while Barcelona El Prat Airport posted a +20.0% increase to 12,639,500

All top ten airports posted year-on-year growth for the period.

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Thursday 23rd June 2011

Housing Market in Spain predicted to bottom out

The Spanish housing market has been predicted to “bottom out” in the next year, providing an ideal environment for international property investment.

JP Morgan Chase said Spanish property will be available at bargain prices in the next 12 months, before starting to recover.

New rules that banks must adhere to by September, set down by the Spanish government, is expected to see lenders selling off their property assets to try and increase their capital.

Banks are also easing back on their lending criteria for distressed property in a bid to encourage investors, meaning borrowers can get up to 100% mortgages.

In a statement, JP added: “There is still some way to go, given the large overhang of land, further write downs to come and further de-gearing by property companies and banks.”

Copyright © Press Association 2011

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Wednesday 9th March 2011

Spanish property Searches up by 37.5%

Some 37.5 per cent more searches for property in Spain took place in January compared to the previous year, it has been reported.

According to real estate portal, interest in the Balearics and Canary Islands could be replacing main land Spain for property purchases in the coming year.

Reports suggest that there are over a million unsold properties in Spain currently.

Indeed, overseas buyer interest in the Balearics and Canary Islands became even more pronounced in January, with one third of all enquiries into Spanish properties for those islands.

“It’s interesting to see how Spain despite the bad press is still very attractive to overseas buyers,” a spokesperson for the site said.

Girasol Homes’ searches have already increased by over 25% in 2011

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Thursday 6th January 2011

China gives Spain Vote of Confidence with 7 billion investment


— Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang Wednesday reiterated Beijing’s pledge to support Spain in a meeting with the country’s prime minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, as the two countries began signing $7.3 billion in deals.

Mr. Li, widely expected to become China’s next premier within the next two years, told Mr. Zapatero that China wanted a united, strong and stable Europe, with Spain an important player in multilateral international relations.

“China is a long-term and responsible investor in the Spanish and European financial markets, and it has confidence and great interest in the Spanish market,” Mr. Li said on the second day of a nine-day tour of the European Union in a show of support for China’s largest export market.

Excerpt from the Wall Street Journal 06/01/2011

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Wednesday 1st December 2010

Property Sales in Spain Rise

The volume of Spanish property sold increased by 13% year-on-year in the third quarter of this year according to figures out this week from The Spain Property Registry.

The statistics show that residential property transactions were up by 13% on July to September 2009 to a total volume of 124,593 properties sold, with new builds increasing by 9% and re-sales by 17%.

The Instituto Nacional de Estadística (the Spanish National Statistics Institute) also revealed this week that the average value of mortgages constituted in September increases 4.2%.

“During the month of September, the average amount per mortgage constituted stood at 135,132 euros,” says INE, “a rise of 4.2% on that recorded in the same month last year, and 8.7% more than that registered in August 2010.”

The average mortgage loan value was €119,527 … 2.1% more than September 2009.

According to Mark Stucklin of Spanish Property Insight “on a rolling 12-month basis, there were 454,283 sales over 12 months to the end of Q3, up an annualised 4% and a quarterly 3%. Even if a percentage of these sales were banks swapping debt for property, I think the market has found its floor at around 400,000 transactions per year."

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Friday 18th June 2010

Looking to sell your overseas property?


Girasol Homes now offers to provide an extra service to clients that want to sell their property in the quickest time possible. Having a good number of properties which sold in 2010 we are eager to repeat the success formula for new clients on the selling side.

When you decide that the time is right to sell your property there are many considerations you have to bear in mind.

Firstly, is the time right? Your property will not sell in a market where you are surrounded by other similar properties at a lower price. You would have to compromise on price.

Secondly, has your property got that wow factor?

Thirdly, do you have the edge over the competition so that you get a regular supply of clients coming through the door, after all if they don’t come through the door how can they buy from you?

Finally how are you going to promote it? That is where our new service can help you a lot. Don’t just throw yourself into the void of the housing market without having our advice and expertise on your side. We can get you the best deals from a constantly updating database of clients who are looking for properties just like yours.

However bear one thing in mind; we will not just take on any old property. You will need to be keenly priced and have that little something extra, be it views, location, design, or whatever, in order to get onto our exclusive listings.

You will also need to accept our exclusivity contract which rewards us for the extreme advertising your property will receive through the major portals such as Kyero (for Spain), Prime Location, Right Move Overseas, ThinkSpain (for Spain), Spanish Living (for Spain), Daily Mail & Mail on Sunday and many more. The individual cost of these portals can run into the hundreds of Euros for advertising. We do it for you for free.

How many agents do you need? This is in addition to a highly sophisticated agency intranet brokerage that Girasol Homes offers where dozens of property agents also receive the details of your property to promote to their clients. This accounts for half of all of our sales.

What does the service cost? Well we charge a flat 5% fee on success. You will also need to be available and open for visits. There is no point advertising if people cannot get access to your property when required. Obviously you want the greatest possible exposure for your property. Your property will be shown on the Property Portals listed on the opening page and on many more too. We are constantly adding outlets to our advertising mix.

Obviously you want the greatest possible exposure for your property. Your property will be shown on the Property Portals listed on the opening page and on many more too. We are constantly adding outlets to our advertising mix.

Our Offer
1. Promotion through the property portals as above.
2. PDF Ads for your property distributed to enquirers
3. Preferential listings on our own websites in rotation
4. Guaranteed first page visibility and featured listings on many of the websites we host and run
5. Distribution to our Multi Listing Agent Network. We have a network of dozens of agents all around Spain, the UK and the rest of Europe who will receive your listing
6. Regular mail outs to our lists of buyers and the lists of buyers via Girasol’s agent networks.
7. Regular market updates and price comparisons with other similar properties.
8. Marketing MOT Review – what could be better, pictures, presentation etc.
9. (Optional) Your own highly targeted website to make your listing stand out even more from the crowd. At extra cost reimbursed if sale successful.
10. Promotion through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more to get your message out there to the greatest audience
12. For an additional fee we can get your property a Premium display on RightMove Overseas. Contact us for more details.

Why? As previously stated the more looking at your property the greater the chance of your property being sold. By using the huge leverage of the internet property portals and the advertising opportunities that we can offer you, your property is more likely to find the ideal client that will buy it. And that ideal client is much more likely to pay a fair price for your property than an untargeted client.

Our Guarantee

Nobody will work harder to promote your property making sure that it has the greatest chance of selling. Remember we do not accept all properties onto our exclusive list. They must be special and/or competitive. If your property matches our demanding criteria then we will give it all the support and promotion necessary to bring the sale to a successful conclusion.


Good Pictures -at least 6 high resolution pictures

Signed marketing agreement

Copy text for property/ Floor plans if available

Video if available – call/email us for delivery method

Access arrangements for the property(s)

In 2 weeks we will have our automated system up and running we will look to process new sellers this way for speed, service and efficiency.

Contact us here contact Girasol

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Wednesday 14th April 2010

100% finance apartments with sea views in Almeria

We have 4 new 2 bedroom 2 bathroom penthouse Sea View + Solarium brand new key ready apartments on small village resort with 100% mortgages available for fast buyers, served on a strictly first come first served basis – when first released these were from 158- 170000 euros, an amazing opportunity contact us.

now 98,000 Euros
Penthouse Apartments

  • Sea and Mountain Views
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Roof solarium
  • 100% Mortgages Available Subject to Status
  • Just 4 left
  • First Come First Served
  • Superb Views
  • 2 parking spaces and storerooms
  • 2 km from beach

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Friday 5th February 2010

New Northern Costa Blanca Properties

Girasol have now got live on the website some of the best value properties across the Northern Costa Blanca and with the upturn in the market are urging clients who have been waiting for the right moment to start looking seriously now. Many of these properties are in very sought after locations such as Monte Pego and Els Poblets (right by the sea) and are priced from a superb 170000 euros.

We urge your fullest attention to benefit from these amazing bargains.


We have many beautiful villas in the stunning and much sought after town of Els Poblets here

Similarly we have a number of fantastic villas for sale in Denia and Pedreguer.

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Sunday 17th January 2010

La Marina Villas drastically discounted for fast sales

3 bedroom 2 bathroom detached villas in popular La Marina location (close to San Fulgencio) now available from 159840 Euros, these are amazing value and are extremely sought after.

go to the link here to discover the full details Click here

We have the keys and there are only a few left so get in touch today!


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